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The rise of pastel balayage

Pastel balayage
Fade colour out and add pastel in with this traditional hair technique

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As the weather gets colder and winter approaches, the drying weather can be strenuous on our hair’s condition, leaving it looking dull, drab and lifeless.  Perhaps this is why we have seen the boom of Balayage, with more and more salon clients leaving with high gloss, silky looking hair.

Autumnal tones of rich coppers, blissful browns, and sultry golds are the traditional colours we are used to seeing. Despite this, a recent uprising of the pastel Balayage has hit the streets. With pops of contrasting colours appearing to the ends of hair, the colder weather no longer means natural colour, but bolder colour.


It is understandable why Balayage is very popular this time of year. Low maintenance and less noticeable regrowth can make this style an attractive choice for most people.

Bold colour can often be associated with more effort and discourage many of you. However, vibrant hair colour can easily stay looking fresh, bold and bright with the right colour care. With so many colour protection options to choose from, the only problem will be choosing your favourite range!

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An additional benefit of this traditional French technique is that more than one colour can be added to your hair, creating a multi-dimensional contoured look which subtly frames your face shape. Carefully selected colours, chosen by hairdressers can complement every skin tone. Every Balayage will be a unique and personal experience. Hairdressers can customise hair shades to achieve the perfect look to represent personality and style. Whereas, some will desire the pastel princess look, others will rock the bold colours.

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