Pre-Paired: The Secret to Perfectly Seamless Colour Every Time

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Our new pre-paired SoColor and SoColor Sync dyes are perfectly matched, so you can easily achieve a seamless finish, from root to tip.

Our new pre-paired SoColor and SoColor Sync dyes are perfectly matched, so you can easily achieve a seamless finish, from root to tip, every time on more hair colours, textures and types than ever before.

Why are pre-paired colours important?

At Matrix, we innovate for every hair type so you can colour with confidence. We do the heavy lifting for you, offering smart, uncomplicated and high-performance colouring solutions, so you can concentrate on the important job of being creative and making your clients look and feel their best so they keep coming back time and again. Pre-paired colours take the guesswork out and enable you to create seamless colour that fades beautifully.



Whether you’re fresh out of college or you own a well-established salon, our uncomplicated formulas empower you to Think, Believe, Dream and Dare to take your career, and what you can offer your clients, to the next level.


How can pre-paired support my business?

The uncomplicated system and nourishing formulas support you in offering colour services to more hair types, textures and colours than ever before. For Matrix diversity isn’t an ideal it’s a fact and hairdresser and salons should be empowered to offer colour services to all. Our SoColor and SoColor Sync pre-paired formulas work on all levels, from dark to light; on all underlying pigments, from red to yellow; on all hair diameters, from fine to coarse; and on all hair patterns, from straight to zig-zag.

How does pre-paired work?      

Simplified for your use, whichever SoColor permanent shade you’re using, simply choose one level above in the SoColor Sync shade. Developed for seamless colour from root-to-tip, apply SoColor at the root and SoColor Sync through the mid-lengths and ends. So, if you use a 6N in SoColor, simply reach for a 7N in SoColor Sync to re-fresh colour through the mid-lengths and ends. Easy!

Are pre-paired colours particularly good for certain services?

Yes! The pre-paired formulas are perfect for colour refreshes and neutralising services. SoColor and SoColor Sync are the perfect product to help you achieve full-bodied, translucent, or neutralising results. Both formulas are developed with 100% oxidative dyes, for colour that lasts longer and fades evenly. You have the power to create long-lasting, seamless colour results with every service that will ensure your clients keep coming back.