SoColor’s Pre-Blended Formulas Make Hair Change-Ups Easier Than Ever

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Matrix has added a pre-blended formula, with background and reflect in one tube.

To help make colouring your clients’ hair easier than ever, Matrix has added a pre-blended formula, with background and reflect in one tube, to neutralise even the most complex pigment for a true-to-tone result on every base.

Hair colours and textures in the UK and Ireland vary greatly but by using our pre-blended formulas we’ve taken the guesswork out. When it comes to colour, Matrix is the most inclusive brand in the professional industry and, as we expand our palettes to welcome new clients to achieve their desired colour, you’ll be able to welcome more clients into your salon. And our new and improved Pre-Blended formulas support you in creating the perfect colour every, single, time. Find out why you’re going to love using our pre-blended SoColor and SoColor Sync formulas below.

Why do the pre-blended formulas have background and reflect?

Our new updated palette of pre-blended formulas contain background and reflect to neutralise every base - controlling the warmth on every colour, every base and every underlying pigment.

Will these new pre-blended boost my business

Yes! Matrix is the most inclusive colour brand, and the pre-blended formulas enable you to create colour for so many different clients. You can use this launch as an opportunity to expand your client base with new, more diverse hair types, textures and colours. Our pre-blended formulas can help you boost your business because you can guarantee the perfect colour result - controlling the warmth on every colour, every base and every underlying pigment - every time.

What is background and reflect in the new pre-blended formula?

Background provides a blended natural result. The background acts as an “anchor” or “base” for each shade, as well as contributing to the “depth” of the  colour. Our pre-blended backgrounds are optimally calibrated with warm and cool dyes for a true tone-to-tone result on every base, giving you the perfect  canvas every time! The deeper levels in the pre-blended series have a deeper brown background. At medium levels, you will find a light brown background  and at lighter levels, you will find a tan or beige background.

Background Facts:

  • Not all colour lines have background
  • Not all shades have background
  • Not all background is created equal – some colour lines have gold background, some have black to grey

Reflect (or tone) is pure tone colour, meaning no background or natural base is incorporated.

Reflect Facts:

    • Reflect shades with no background are best for vibrant results
    • Most shades have reflect
    • Reflect is also commonly known as “tone”

Do the pre-blended SoColor and SoColor Sync formulas give me for freedom?

The levels of background and reflect in each colour have been expertly decided for you, giving you complete creative freedom. You get the best results - perfectly matched, seamless colour - that lasts and fades on tone. For example, in SoColor 7C (blended collection) it is formulated with both a black/tan background and a copper reflect, providing a natural copper result. Whereas, in SoColor 7CC+ (reflect collection) it is formulated with little-to-no background. Instead, it contains copper reflect, providing a vibrant copper result.

Our pre-blended formulas work on all levels from dark to light, on all underlying pigments from warm to pale, on all diameters of hair from fine to coarse and on all pattern from straight to zig-zag, making Matrix one off the most inclusive brands out there. The pre-blended formulas will enable you to help any clients achieve the colour of their dreams, by offering neutralisation for any hair type, texture or colour.