5 Trending Blonding Techniques Your Clients Will Love This Summer

Support your clients on their colour journey, whether they're blonding addicts or first time blonders.

Support your clients on their colour journey, whether they're blonding addicts or first time blonders.

Going blonde is the UK’s number one colour service and the new Unbreak My Blonde range is designed to Blonde and Care with Confidence, from start to finish. The multi-step system is ideal for your blonding customers and first-time blonders, helping you achieve the look they want and to help them maintain it at home.

From the Unbreak My Blonde Bleach Finder shampoo that can help you detect residual bleach at the backwash to the 3-step at-home shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment that are infused with citric acid to strengthen, restore and revive hair after a chemical process, you can Blonde and Care with Confidence. Read all about the Unbreak My Blonde system here.

Below we’re talking about the latest blonding trends that Matrix artists are trying now, so keep reading and get inspired.


“This summer it’s all about the face frame, freehand painting and giving a pop of lightness around the face,” says Michelle Summers Davies. “It’s standout pieces at the front that give the effect of how light would naturally hit the hair around the perimeter of the head. We will be creating a darker halo, like a luminage for a sun-kissed frame around the face.”

Niamh Hayden is also backing this face-framing trend, “we will see a lot of root shadow blonde with a lightness round the face, using a foliage technique and the toner using a root tap of a darker shade with a blonde ashy toner on the mid-lengths and ends. This leaves the face frame light to make that extra pop of colour around the face.”

Nude Neutrals & Creamy Cools

“Blondes will be looking for more nude neutrals and creamy cool vanilla tones this summer. The mocha palette with the SoColor and SoColor Sync will be the go-to for colourists and clients,” notes Niall McNulty.

Rosie Biscoe also notes that cool tones will be big news this summer, “Balayage isn’t going anywhere and if you want to blonde out some of those lockdown roots and natural greys, why not have a super cool balayage and keep the tones silver. You will need a top up in between for your toner if you want to keep it cool.”

A top tip when colouring blondes, Niall McNulty recommends that you “add multi-level lowlights alongside your Light Master to give contrast and make your blondes look more expensive. My ultimate go-to lowlights to break up a blonde are 8mm and 10mm alongside my Light Master 8 with Bonder.”

Natural Roots

“Blonde and beachy is going to be a big summer trend this year as people will look for that low maintenance look with soft blonde multi tonal ends and a natural root smudge to create an easy maintenance look,” says Niamh Hayden. Niall McNulty agrees, “Summer trends will see balayage blondes transform into lighter, brighter foiliage highlights, but retain softness at the regrowth area utilizing zone toning techniques to achieve this.”

Go Golden

Cool tones not your client’s vibe, no worries! “Golden raw blonde is a hit this summer – think Billie Eilish,” says Rosie Biscoe. “I’m

 loving warmer tones – the new PR Pearl Rose shade is going to be huge for making warmer tones more wearable for clients. While blonde is still a high maintenance look, with our new Lightmaster 8 with Bonder will keep hair looking and feeling healthier for longer and definitely recommend the new Unbreak My Blonde Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment.”

All images from @michelledavieshair on Instagram