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Showcase Your Salon With A Shiny New Website

Jan 222019
By Lisa Haynes
Want to make your website look just as professional as your salon? Here’s how…

When you salon’s super-busy, it’s easy to side-line your online presence and social media. Put simply, don’t… Giving your salon a slick online presence can bring a whole new potential clientele for your business.

In today’s digital age, you don’t have to spend thousands on creating a new or revived website. Take ‘The Cutting Room’ in Huntingdon and their shiny new website Salon owner, Nathan Jermy decided to design the site himself – and it was easier than he thought using Club Matrix as a resource: “The great thing is these days you don’t even need to be that tech-savvy to create your salon website,” he says.

Here’s Nathan’s insider take on setting up a salon website DIY (with a little help from CMX)…

Q: Why do you think a strong, modern website is important for your salon?

“Our TCR website tagline is “building relationships with you and your hair” – which is exactly what the new website does. Having the website has boosted our Facebook bookings. We can post our last minute appointments, there’s a call to action to ‘book now’ and that takes the client straight to your online booking platform via the website. You might be thinking you’re going to have a quiet day and you wake up at 6am to three or four new bookings made overnight!”

Showcaseyour salon

Q: Do you believe your salon business has grown due to the new website?

“I’ve only had the website up and running a few months but it’s interesting to see how it’s already developing the business. We are not a high street salon - we’re based in a leisure centre so we have no shop window. It’s down to us to create awareness in the outside world, via social media and a website. I’m looking forward to seeing how the figures grow online.”

Q: So, how did you create your website?

“I’m quite design-focused so decided to create the website myself, rather than go back and forth with a web designer. These days you don’t need to be that tech-savvy. I use a website hosting company. If I want to change to a seasonal design, for instance, I’m not restricted. I love the clever features you can create, like a pop-up to book online as soon as you enter the website.”

Q: What was the main aim of your website?

“The way I’ve designed my website is to think ‘what do people what to see and know about?’ Is it colour? Cuts? Do I want to push more towards men? The website gives you focus for your salon direction.”

MATRIX PRO TIP: Did you know you can download assets from Club Matrix? See the link for downloadable images and banners for your website here

Q: Where did you find all the assets for your amazing content?

“CMX has got everything you need, from model imagery to hair products. They all look really professional with a ‘clean’ design, which is the aesthetic that I wanted for my site. You can use that image on your website, on your social media and then it all links together really seamlessly. It’s a great way to get pro imagery until I can build up my own portfolio of salon imagery and hair styles for the website. I don’t understand why more people don’t use it.”

Q: Any unexpected bonuses from having an online presence?

“With our software linking to the website, when a client leaves their email address at the salon they receive a little reminder to leave a review. We can then share this on Facebook and it also prompts them to share this on their Facebook and Google. Google is where you want your reviews to be going... We’ve only had this software a few months and we’ve already had 20+ extra reviews on Google. As soon as you type in ‘The Cutting Room’ our website pops up because people are starting to use it.”

Q: What’s your ultimate advice for a salon trying to invigorate their website or set up a new one?

“I would say look at other hair and salon websites, especially other salons that have won awards. I also looked at a lot of the Matrix artist websites, as well as Matrix itself. Look at the aspects that you like and don’t like to get ideas and creative inspiration. Be prepared to invest time if you’re doing it yourself. I took some time every morning for two months to get the salon website done - but I’m a bit OCD!”

MATRIX PRO TIP: Did you know there are tons of free platforms to build the kind of website that you want.

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