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Read on to find out how Club Matrix has helped award-winning salon Remington-Harrow...

We got the chance to interview salon of the month ‘Remington- Harrow’ about how Club Matrix has worked for them in their growth in becoming such a successful salon.

Remington-Harrow are the winners of 2 Gold awards & 3 Silver at the Hair Dressing 2017 Awards!


How long have you been a Matrix salon?

Remington-harrow has been open for 10 years and we have been using Matrix for last 5 years, it’s great! 


How long have you been on Club Matrix?

We have always used the Club Matrix loyalty scheme, as it's a great way to save for salon rewards. Once we heard that it was launching online, naturally we were one of the first Salons to launch with it!


What do you think about Club Matrix.

All the benefits are fantastic! Its quiet fun to shop with the free points that we have earnt buying matrix products.

It's a much simpler and clearer way to read and record points.

We also have a yearly salon meeting, which is when it comes in really useful – we use it to plan promotions and upskill the team. All the information we need is there.


What was your last redemption on Club Matrix?

We brought a mix of salon equipment and trollies, as well some education courses.

Trollies because the ones in our salon were getting a little worn, so it was a great chance to get a fresh pair!

Courses because we have a huge education strategy within the Salon. Everyone at Remington loves to learn and be at the top of our game.

We have an internal colour test once a year that the courses help train everyone for. Plus it's great to let our customers know that we have 4 x Colour Masters and 1 x Cutting Master in the Salon.

That means, no matter what our customer comes in asking for we can deliver!


What is your favourite / most useful part of Club Matrix?

The grow your business section, I know and love hair, it's the business side which I know salons like more information on.

In this day in age running a business and understanding your customer can be key to salon success.


What has been your favourite new product that you have tried from Club Matrix?

Bond Ultim8. We were all looking forward to trying this product as we had used similar products previously and we must say this one is our favourite!


You have said that you are committed to your staff and their ongoing training – have you found that the accessibility of education on Club Matrix has made this easier for you?

Yes, only trouble is that there aren't enough classes (laughs)

Education is a huge growth driver for our business as a whole, Club Matrix makes it easy for us to book with free points!

Some Salons don't see the basic sense in education, which is silly. It massively helps us be on the ball when customers come in and ask about the current trend.  

Long gone are the days of customers coming in with magazines and the same look, they come in with photos on their phone from social media. The trends move so fast! So, it's great to have an educated team in salon to recreate those styles that our customers want.


What has been the best education course that you / your staff have attended?

Colour Masters and My Cutting Masters are the best! However all of the colour refreshing classes are fundamental too.


What education courses are you looking to attend next?

Jack is attending Master Cutting with Industry Icons with Jamie Stevens, which he is really looking forward to and we can't wait to see what he brings back into the salon to show the team. 


Have you found that Club Matrix has made it easier to keep up to date with our (Matrix) latest information and product launches?

Yes, we sometimes didn't hear everything from our salon consultant, or wanted the chance to read it in our own time – now we can do that.


Have you used the downloadable marketing materials? If so please tell us how/ where you have used them?

Yes we have, when R.A.W was launched we wanted to tie in many things to make this launch a big deal within the salon. We used imagery in our appointments and on our social media to get clients interaction, to get them asking about the products. 


What is the most popular hair cut/ style / colour / treatment at Remington, at the moment?

In the way of colour, balayage hair and ombre hair is still a big one for us!

In the way of cutting its more of a variety of styles dependant of age. The graduated bob may be our biggest.


What is your favourite hair cut / style / colour / treatment?

Our favourite product has to be Biolage, it's still the most popular with our customers too!

Colour and HyrdaSource.


What reward would you like to redeem next?

All things that are going to help the business grow, or make our customers have a more enjoyable experience.

A flash new coffee machine, marketing material, there are lots!


What else would you like to see on Club Matrix that you would find useful?

I like the idea of the business education, I think salons struggle with this. Being aware of how to improve and market the salon is always helpful.

The industry can change so fast, so it's great to hear about how we can move with the time and make our business more successful 

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