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Get amped-up volume with these silicon free formulas to boost structure of fine, limp hair.

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High Amplify High Volume Hair Spray

Amplify Hairspray is a flexible, strong-hold, spray for a long lasting hold, all over volume and shine. Fast-drying, ultra fine mist leaves hair static-free, shiny, and manageable. All day humidity resistant. Easily shampoos out, leaving no build up. CONTAINS -Styling Polymers - Silicone

High Amplify Foam Volumizer For Fine Hair

Amplify Foam Volumizer provides full-bodied lift and support to give touchable thick feel all over and volume*. Lightweight whip adds conditioning shine and lasting body. CONTAINS - Styling Polymers - Silicones

High Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter For Fine, Flat Hair

Solve the challenges of fine, limp hair.

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