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We educate professionals to elevate their skill set, express individuality and ensure success behind-the-chair. Our philosophy is to CRAFT effective hands-on learning in an inclusive and inviting environment to shape your career. We promise to deliver hands-on education, ensuring that the Matrix hairdresser retains a deeper sense of understanding and confidence. Without you there is no ME, ME (Matrix Education) is our unique education programme that brings you Uncomplicated Education, Smart Technology so that you can grow your business. ME courses cater to all levels, backgrounds and abilities with uncomplicated salon ready content. 

We are proud to offer an incredible programme of Matrix and Biolage education via our authorised distributor academies and in our own L’Oréal academies across the UK and Ireland delivered by our leading education team and industry renowned artists.

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Me caters to diverse backgrounds, levels and interests. We are the brand that unites and not divides. Over the years, we have mastered experimental learning and blended-learning methodology with the launch of Access and further developing our hands on courses. For the first time ever, our community will be a click away at all times. Truly, a learning experience at your finger tips. Ready to connect, inspire and create? 

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As hairdressers, we know there is no better way to learn than by rolling up our sleeves and working with our hands. On the flip side... we know how essential it is to be able to feed your creativity 24/7 with digital learning. 

ME delivers education both online and offline in one environment to satisfy all learning needs.

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The beauty industry has exploded in the world of digital. ME is dedicated to owning this space. Digital channels are the perfect place for ME to connect & showcase our community. Digitlisation has    been implemented into our education curriculum in a massive way.

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Authentic, influential and expressive, our artistic team is a growing team of self-made talent that expands our brand's global reach and throughout the UK and Ireland. They are salon owners, industry forces and relentless artists that have the power to touch, inspire and up skill. Through their knowledge and passion, they deliver technique-driven, engaging and trending content across all our Matrix platforms.      

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Allow us to create a bespoke course to meet all your teams desires, with the convenience of bringing it to your doorstep. Let the buzz come to you and book with us using the Matrix Tailor-Make ME service. Whether you want to motivate and inspire your team with a Matrix course in your own salon or organise a PR or VIP event to celebrate a special salon anniversary or launch. The Matrix Tailor-Make ME education service aims to meet your needs with a personalised approach. 



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