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11 Great Hair Style Ideas for Damaged Hair

Dealing with damaged hair can be frustrating: You want your hair to look nice, but the tools and products you use to create your hairdo are often the ...
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Grey Coverage Banner Image

A Guide to The Best Coverage For Your Grey Clients

amy lawrenson.jpg
Jan 27 2020
By Amy Lawrenson
Follow our guide and banish grey from your client's heads!
Hair-Color Hair-Color-Trends Matrix Matrix-Artists Trends Styling-Tips Color-Treated-Hair
salons guide to perfect hair selfie

A Salon’s Guide to Taking an Amazing Instagram Hair-Selfie

It can be hard to know where to begin when taking a professional photo. Here are Matrix’s top tips and hacks to get you started.
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op christmas party hair banner.jpg

Christmas Party Hairstyles

Christmas is almost upon us, is your hair party ready?
Hair-Style-Trends Matrix-Artists Styling-Tips

5 Easy Work From Home Hairstyles You Can Try

Apr 14 2020
Want to feel like a Girl Boss at home? Then here are some simple hair styles that you can try.
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Get Textured Hair with Jamie Stevens

Jamie Stevens gives us the lowdown on #texturedhair with the new Style Link Mineral
Styling-Tips Style-Link Summer-Hairstyles Matrix-Artists Hair-Style-Trends

Go Grey this winter

Winter is coming. Would you like to turn your summer hair into a silvery winter grey?
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nude updated banner.jpg

Going Nude this Autumn/Winter

More women today want to look natural through the colour of their hair and their make-up.
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Blowdry tips.png

How to Blowdry Your Hair Like a Pro (Plus, the Mistakes to Avoid)

amy lawrenson.jpg
Aug 19 2019
By Amy Lawrenson
Keep reading to find out how to blowdry your hair like a pro…
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5 Reasons to use SCB Banner

Reasons Why You’ll Want to Start Using SoColor.Beauty, Pronto!

amy lawrenson.jpg
Feb 26 2020
By Amy Lawrenson
We’ve listed out the reasons why you’re set to fall hair over heels for SoColor.Beauty.
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salon of the month banner.jpg

Salon of the Month

Read on to find out how Club Matrix has helped award-winning salon Remington-Harrow...
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Style It Out

Jul 11 2018
By Lisa Haynes
Six ways to up your styling game for the party season (clue: more texture)
Hair-Style-Trends Style-Link Styling-Tips

Texture Tonic

Jul 11 2018
By Lisa Haynes
Forget the traditional bouncy blow-dry. Our pro Ashleigh Hodges reveals how to simplify your styling for the party season.
Hair-Style-Trends Style-Link Styling-Tips

The Blackberry Bloom

Jewel shades are bang on trend this season meaning these rich blackberry tones are absolute #hairgoals!
Hair-Style-Trends Matrix-Artists Styling-Tips

The Magenta Melt

#Magentahair is trending on social media right now meaning if you choose this transformation you will be right up there with the coolest #inspo trends...
Hair-Style-Trends Matrix-Artists Styling-Tips
Pastel balayage

The rise of pastel balayage

Fade colour out and add pastel in with this traditional hair technique
Hair-Style-Trends Matrix-Artists Styling-Tips
volume hair image.png

Volume Boosters: How to get bigger hair

May 29 2019
By Lisa Haynes
Volumizing hair tricks you need to know about - and the cheat products to pump up the volume, fast
Volume Trends Styling-Tips Matrix Hair-Style-Trends
short banner.jpg

Why Go Short?

Be brave and take the step to go short.
Hair-Style-Trends Matrix-Artists Styling-Tips
Fragile Damaged hair

12 Hair Care and Styling Tips for Damaged Hair

When the seasons change to fall and winter, damaged hair feels the transition too. With the waning of summer comes an end to the sun’s harshest rays,...
Damaged-Hair Strengthening- Dry-Hair Styling-Tips
Blog Images_0021_14 Celebrity Tips from Hollywood Hairstylist George Papanikolas

14 Celebrity Tips from Hollywood Hairstylist George Papanikolas

Want your hair to look as glamorous as a Hollywood star? You’ve come to the right place! Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas is the man behind...
Styling-Tips Color-Treated-Hair Hair-Color

Top 7 Hairstyles for Summer

May 01 2019
By Lisa Haynes
These are the hair looks to put on your styling radar this season!
Summer-Hairstyles Hair-Style-Trends Styling-Tips Matrix Matrix-Artists Style-Link Trends
Blog Images002625 ColorTreated Hair Styling  Designing Tips

25 Color-Treated Hair Styling & Designing Tips

Hair color can be a terrific way to bump up your style. There are so many colors and techniques available that you can switch up your look every month...
Color-Treated-Hair Styling-Tips Hair-Color
Styling  Tips for Dry Hair

26 Tips for Styling Your Dry Hair

Having dry hair doesn’t mean you can’t have a great style. With proper care and a little creativity, your dry locks can look just as stylish as tresse...
Styling-Tips Dry-Hair Damaged-Hair Fine-Hair Matrix Matrix-Artists Thin-Hair
Blog Images0003CutStyle

5 Haircut and Style Trends for Fall/Winter 2015

Fall and winter haircut and hairstyle trends aren’t so much changing for 2015 as they are evolving. The long bob for medium length hair continues to ...
Styling-Tips Curly-Hair Hair-Style-Trends Trends Natural-and-Relaxed-Hair
Blog Images_0000_5 Pro Tips for Getting the Prom Hair Style of Your Dreams

5 Pro Tips for Getting the Prom Hair Style of Your Dreams

You may not live in Hollywood, but prom night is truly your red carpet moment. Your dress, your shoes, your make-up, your hairdo—everything must be pe...
Styling-Tips Trends
Blog Images_0006_6 Hair Style and Hair Color Trends for Spring 2015

6 Hair Style and Hair Color Trends for Spring 2015

When winter began, you couldn’t wait to tuck your hair into your crocheted ear flap hat and sail through the cold weather in cozy, warm style. But no...
Styling-Tips Color-Treated-Hair Hair-Color Trends Hair-Color-Trends Hair-Style-Trends Blonde-Hair Curly-Hair
weak hair image.jpg

8 Tips on How to Strengthen Weak Hair

Jul 09 2015
By Lisa Haynes
Weak hair can take on many forms and is often noticeable to others. That said, weak hair can be a detriment to our fashion sense and self image. In so...
Strengthening- Damaged-Hair Dry-Hair Styling-Tips Frizz
no poo shampoo banner2 (Custom).png

Cleansing Conditioner: The Best 5 Reasons Why you need No-Poo Shampoo

Shampoo, rinse, condition. Decade after decade, not much has changed. But recently, the buzz has been building about a shift in that shampoo and cond...
Hair-Style-Trends Matrix-Artists Styling-Tips
Blog Images_0038_Hair Styling Tips for Weak Hair Woes

Hair Styling Tips for Weak Hair Woes

Is your weak, limp hair getting you down? Having trouble finding a hairstyle that looks good and gives the appearance of thicker, stronger hair? Matri...
Strengthening- Styling-Tips
Blog Images_0045_Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas Picks The Hottest Hair Trends Of The Golden Globes

Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas Picks The Hottest Hair Trends Of The Golden Globes

The first major awards show of the season often sets the tone for beauty trends, and this year at the Golden Globes, several exciting hair trends emer...
Tips for your frizzy hair

Need to Know Frizzy Hair Styling Tips & 6 Frizzy Hairstyles for Your Hair Type

Aug 10 2018
By Lisa Haynes
When styling frizzy hair, there are three primary factors to consider in getting the look you want: the right cut, a hairstyle that works with your na...
Frizz Styling-Tips Smooth-Hair Curly-Hair Matrix Matrix-Artists Natural-and-Relaxed-Hair Strengthening-
frizzy hair Image

How to Care for and Tame Your Frizzy Hair, From Start to Finish!

Let’s face it, having the frizzies is not a lot of fun. With today’s sleek styles, nothing puts a crimp in your look faster than frizzy hair. To best ...
Frizz Smooth-Hair Styling-Tips
Blog Images0052The 13 Best Volumizing Styling Tips for Fine Thin Hair

The 13 Best Volumizing Styling Tips for Fine, Thin Hair

Does it sometimes seem as if you and your fine hair are constantly at war? You fluff it up, it falls down. You move it here, it travels back over ther...
Thin-Hair Volume Fine-Hair Styling-Tips
Tips for thin hair

Volumizing Tips for Thin Hair

Admit it. When you flip through the Victoria’s Secret catalog, it’s not just those long legs and flat tummies you envy. It’s that thick, luscious-lo...
Thin-Hair Volume Fine-Hair Styling-Tips

Summer’s Hottest Hair Accessories

In one memorable episode of Sex and The City, Carrie Bradshaw fired the fatal shot to the poor little scrunchie, expressing her horror upon spotting a...
Styling-Tips Summer-Hairstyles

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