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Why not shake things up this winter?


Why not shake things up this winter.  Have you ever longed to be Red? Sultry rich red tones, from Berry, to Deep Burgundy and Cherry Coppers.

Red head season is here. Fact:  Do you know that it’s been reported that instinctively we subconsciously blend in to our environment i.e The Seasons. This is why Red and copper shades are so current this time of year. Warm shades, rich auburns, cherry chocolates are really on trend this year, so why not warm up this winter season and go red. Red hair has been desired since time began and can epitomise all that is sultry and sexy about a woman. Its little wonder that a true rich, luxurious red is something that women have sort after for decades. Well, they need look no further. Matrix professional Hair Colour has the solution, from soft subtle hues of red and amber to bold beautiful fiery flames. The latest addition of ColorSync Vinyl’s Crimson Red offer a sophistication of a fine red wine to achieve a rich, luscious red.

socolor red image new image.JPG

What’s your perfect Red? We can create it with our SO RED or ColorSync Palette offering. If you just fancy dipping your toe in this festive season with a bit of colour, explore our ColorSync Vinyl’s red, but if you’re the bold and brave who want a long lasting permanent red, SO RED is the colour for you!

Reds are HOT news right now and trending through to 2018.

Spice up your life, Warm things up this winter.

second reds image.JPG

Go to your salon today and ask your colourist for advice to achieve your perfect red.


After all everyone remembers the girl with the Red Hair.

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