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Vivid Colour, Your Way

Six reasons why we’re SoColor Cult obsessed… Are you ready to get #socolorful?

Never before has a new hair colour made such a huge impact. Mentions of #socolorcult are racking up on Instagram and salons are going crazy for Matrix’s boldest hair colour to date.

Not familiar with SOCOLOR Cult yet? “Hair colour like SOCOLOR Cult is allowing people to be more creative,” says Ashleigh Hodges, Matrix Artistic Director. “It’s given them the freedom to be themselves and really push the boundaries with hair colour.”

Here’s six reasons why you should join the Cult for the ultimate vivid colour… Walk, don’t run.

1. Colour with two clever technologies

Yep, there’s not one but TWO ways to create vivid colour on your clients with SOCOLOR Cult’s dual technology: demi or semi. That means major versatility for both you and the client when it comes to colour commitment. But which one to recommend?

PRO TIP: The tone-on-tone (demi) isn’t as bright as it absorbs into the cuticle, making it perfect for toning and creating fashion looks. The direct dye (semi) is a lot more vibrant because the colour sits on top of the cuticle.” - Desmond Murray, Matrix Artistic Director.

2. ‘The’ coolest shade range

We’re calling it: SOCOLOR Cult is one of the boldest, coolest hair colours to hit the backwash. Think 12 trend-led fashion tones, ranging from Clover Green to Marble Gray. FYI, the vivid pigment technology makes every colour uber-vibrant.

PRO TIP: “You get a real clarity of colour, which gives the vivids depth. I love Mermaid Teal – it’s brighter than we’ve seen before, which is really want you want from a vivid.” - Ashleigh Hodges, Matrix Artistic Director.

3. Limitless shade options

The rainbow colour palette just got infinite, thanks to SOCOLOR Cult’s capacity to intermix the entire range. Just dial the colour up, or tone it down, depending on how bold you’re taking a client’s colour.

PRO TIP: “I love the fact that it’s a capsule range but you can actually create over 100 different shades because of its versatility.” - Desmond Murray, Matrix Artistic Director.

4. True tone-on-tone fade

Fade is no longer your frenemy with SOCOLOR Cult. This is a vivid that stays on point – no matter what the colour. Even after 15 washes, you can expect a vibrant, true-to-tone result that won’t leave your client disappointed when they’re taking a hair selfie.

PRO TIP: “SOCOLOR Cult actually fades into its colour palette. For instance, my bright pink clients will love the fact that it will stay pink and they’ll enjoy all the different tones of pink that will evolve over time.” - Ashleigh Hodges, Matrix Artistic Director.

5. Customise your colour

Newsflash: SOCOLOR Cult’s Clear is your secret weapon for perfect pastelisation – every time. It means that every on-trend tone can be created in its boldest, vivid hue, through to soft and chic pastel.

PRO TIP: “The Clear gives you endless possibilities to mix colours, from really dark tones through to super-light. With the same colour, a client could choose from vivid teal to subtle minty pastel.” - Desmond Murray, Matrix Artistic Director.

6. Healthy-looking vivid hair

Yes, the two really can go together. The vivid pigment technology delivers unreal conditioning for gloss and shine that lasts – even if the hair has been pre-lightened first.

PRO TIP: “The technology in SOCOLOR Cult gives the client more value for money. As long as that client is looking after their hair at home, I’m keeping the condition while I colour using BOND Ultim8 so I know that fade will be seamless.” - Ashleigh Hodges, Matrix Artistic Director.

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