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Go bold and explore ColorSync Vinyls 3 new shades...

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For Professionals: Did you know 33% of your clients are looking for bold vibrant colours?*

3 new Colorsync Vinyl shades for your clients seeking more bold and brave results!

Research shows that over the last year colour services have seen an increase, with 25% of females now receiving a colour service the last time they visited a salon, with the average price paid on a colour treatment being approximately £55. In fact, the two age groups seeing an increase in spend are amongst the younger ages, in particular 17-34 year olds as well as 45-54 year olds.* Color Sync has the perfect colour pallet to suit the needs of both of these groups whatever their needs; whether your client is looking for a muted Watercolor result or feel a little more daring to opt for a vibrant rich colour result with Vinyls. We’ve seen recent trends of Rose Golds and Purples hit our Pinterest and Instagram feeds so now Matrix are offering an even more exciting solution, 3 brand new Colour Sync Vinyls shades – especially formulated with ‘Vivid Dye Technology’ for your clients seeking more bold and brave results.

Color Sync Vinyls Shades

The Vinyls palette features 3 gorgeous bold, rich and vibrant shades; Cobalt Blue, Midnight Violet and Crimson Red. Blue, purple and red hair is massively trending on Instagram right now with collective posts of over 17 million! The Vivid Dye Technology featured in Vinyls is a shiny and vibrant dye that reflects even on darker hair, so Vinyls are perfect for clients of all ages and hair levels. The shades can be dialed up or toned down by intermixing with Color Sync Clear for a more subtle look. 

*Kantar 2016 & Ipsos 2015

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