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Top 5 Tips on How to Care for Your Hair

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Like us you are probably freezing in the winter months; exploring every possible trick to warm up quickly and at low cost. And like most of us you have probably drawn an endless list of resolutions to care for yourself and bring up your A game when it comes to your hair routine.

To help you out we have drawn up a list of 5 easy simple tips that you can add to your routine from tomorrow at no extra cost. 

1. Start with a healthy food diet The healthier you eat, the healthier and stronger your hair will be. A bad diet can result in weaker hair more prone to brakeage and damage. Nutritional deficiencies need to be addressed when identified as they affect the health of your nails, skin and hair. Your nutritionist or doctors can provide you with food supplements to target a weak metabolism. 

2. Get the basics right A healthy scalp means your hair will grow healthier for longer. Biolage has the solution for you with its Scalpsync range designed to balance your scalp health and tackle any dandruff or oil issues. Most of us think that to grow their hair, they can avoid their 6/8 week hair cut appointment. Avoiding scissors is a bad idea; your hair needs regular trims to stay healthy. A fresh cut gets rid of split weak ends prone to breakage. 

3. Choose a caring hair colour Too much colouring and lightening can damage your hair making it prone to breakage, leaving the hair dull and dry. Even the most caring hair colour with disrupt your hair normal functioning. The most important is to listen to your hairdressers’ advice. Stylists can advise how much time you should leave between your colour appointments, the most suitable colour for your hair type and what haircare you should buy to maintain the colour. 

4. Conditioners and treatments are your best friends Conditioners are a girl’s best friend, because of their multi-benefits. First, they detangle your hair making it easier to style but also more manageable. Then, they will boost your hair shine and improves it smoothness. Whether you have fine, damaged or dry hair Biolage has the solution for you under our technical advanced range or within our sustainable range R.A.W. 

5. Reduce the frequency of heated styling The more you use hair electricals, the more damage your hair will suffer from on the long term. Despite being amazing to perfect these up dos, tousled waves and poker straight looks they should not be the 1st tools used to style your hair. If you cannot live without your straighteners and curlers though, think about reducing the heat settings or reducing their use on a weekly basis. Think about air-drying, style shaping products, heat protection products or even overnight styling techniques ( like Velcro rollers, buns, plaits…..)

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