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Are You Ready For Some Damage Control?

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It's Finally Here! The Re-Bond - Matrix's 1st ever bonding home-care regime.



INTRODUCING YOU TO THE RE-BOND- Matrix’s 1st ever bonding homecare regime. If you’re a colour addict, you might have heard of bonding before. It’s the best way to protect and repair your hair from damage when having any lightening service. However, we all know that even with bonding methods, damage can’t be fully prevented and whether its damage from bleach, from the weather or from heat styling, our hair is always under threat. However, there are certainly some ways to help you reduce damage and here are a few of our best tips:

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There are numerous damage solution shampoos out there already, and whilst these may help, they can tend to only work on the outer layer. Our scientists at Matrix have been working hard to create the 3-step regime using bonding technology to work on the internal bonds of the hair, therefore, improving its inner strength. Yes, the shampoo, pre-conditioner and conditioner have been clinically proven to boost hair strength damaged by previous lightening services. I know, right... Give me the Re-Bond now! But before you run off to buy the 3 step system, make sure The Re-Bond is right for you. Firstly, ask yourself, how damaged is my hair? And what has caused the damage to my hair? Have a look at the solutions below:

  • If you don’t colour your hair and it’s mainly heat that’s causing stress to your hair, then Total Results' So Long Damage is probably the solution for you. Including ceramides, So Long Damage helps boost strength to long hair to help reduce breakage and prolong healthy hair growth, leaving the hair strong with enhanced shine.
  • If you have dry and porous hair and it’s simply lacking moisture, Total Results' Moisture Me Rich uses glycerine to restore moisture and leave the hair soft, replenished and radiant.
  • If you have extremely damaged hair, whether you have gone through lightening services, gone too far with the sun or with straighteners, then look no further and get your hands on The Re-Bond. The Re-Bond is your at-home fix to over-processed hair.

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By using The Re-Bond you can expect:

  • Manageability, detangling, easy blow-dry and styling
  • Soft, silky touch with a strengthened feel
  • Smooth, shiny Lightweight, body, bounce & movement.

The Re-Bond will allow you to keep doing what you love, because we want you colour addicts to keep lightening, and keep colouring! RESTORE. RE-BOND. REPEAT.

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