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Matrix Colour Masters Introduce the Latest #WatercolorHair Trend and It Looks Stunning!

Imagine what someone’s hair would look like if they were naturally born with blue hair… this is how Manchester blogger Rock On Holly described the new Color Sync Watercolors when she got her #WatercolorHair done by our Artistic Directors and colour masters, Sharon Peake and Adam Bryant of Ethos Hairdressing.
“#WatercolorHair is one of the latest fashion hair trends, and I would describe them as the grown up, sophisticated cousins of pastel colours and rainbow hair from last year,” explained Adam. He added: “Fashionstas and Experimenters – those trendy clients who are constantly seeking the newest and coolest trends – are moving away from the ultra vibrant, in-your-face type of artificial fashion colours. They want something that’s more wearable, more natural-looking, and colour that cares for their hair as well.”


What have we got for you?

The new Color Sync Watercolors consist of five new shades: Moss Green, Sapphire Blue, Berry Violet, Coral Peach, and Quartz Pink. The shades can be intermixed with the rest of the Color Sync portfolio, so get ready to unleash a whole new world of possibilities! 


How you can create your own #WatercolorHair looks

We’ve asked Sharon and Adam what’s the best way to use Color Sync Watercolors.

“It’s all about creating watercolour effects with the aim to make a statement,” says Sharon. “Techniques can vary, whether it’s the subtle yet elegant diffusion of colours with shades of different intensities to create a Watercolor Candy type of look; or a more refined and edgy Quartz Beam placement of colour to express individuality.”

Adam suggests treating Watercolors as an artistic palette. “To unleash your inner creativity, I would suggest adding Color Sync Clear to the mix so you can dilute the intensity of these shades as you see fit. You can use them in their pure forms and it would show up subtly on a level 6, or you can dilute the colours with Clear and apply onto pre-lightened hair to produce gorgeous pastel watercolours.”

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