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Vivid hair trends are getting brighter and bolder on social media. Here’s how to push the boundaries with your colour

When it comes to vivid hair trends, we’re getting braver than ever before in the salon chair. Why? Instagram is exposing us to brighter colours and bolder trends. Turns out consumers - aka the new colour chameleons - just can’t get enough of it…

Mentions of vivid hair colour have risen massively since 2016, and if Instagram’s anything to go by, the future’s bright when it comes to vivid hair. Hashtags for #pinkhair creations are almost at six million (and counting).

Whether you’re scanning Stories, searching hair hashtags, or just stalking grid photos of out-there shades, Instagram is changing the way we consume our hair colour in a big way.

“There’s no doubt that consumer demand is getting stronger for vivids,” says Desmond Murray, Atherton Cox and Freelance Artistic Director (@desmondmurray).

“Clients are requesting brighter and bolder colours more than ever before. It’s perfect timing with the launch of SoColor Cult.”


If you haven’t already heard of #SoColorCult, it’s time to start saving it to your Instagram Collection of saved inspo images. Matrix has responded to the vivid hair colour demand with its coolest, most colourful range yet.

Think 12 fashion-led shades, ranging from Disco Silver to Orange Alert, plus an infinite palette that gives you the exact shade you want for your post-colour hair selfie.

Hashtags for #socolorcult’s launch hype has already reached 25k, with thousands already converting to the SoColor Cult bright side.

And when it comes to ‘instagram trends’, using of-the-moment shades like SCC’s Mermaid Teal? Desmond says: “I’ve noticed trends like unicorn hair and marbling are getting even braver to showcase vivids – the bolder, the better I say.”


When it comes to vivid hair colour, it’s more likely you’ll see a client inspo image saved on Instagram than a page ripped from a fashion magazine, according to Ashleigh Hodges, aka The Hair Geek UK (@ashleigh2025): “Instagram now dominates consumer trends – clients aren’t looking at celebrities and magazines for inspiration, they’re eyeing up hashtags and influencers.”

Combine a more daring clientele with new on-trend colours, like SCC, and the future of hair colour looks pretty exciting. Think vivid colour playground!

Ashleigh says: “I’d say 18-34 year-olds have always been the most daring with colour, but with lines like SoColor Cult allowing people to be more creative, it’s given them the freedom to be themselves and really push the boundaries with hair colour.”

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So, you’re all set to join the SoColor Cult world of trend-led shades. But how do you get the right colour from the 12 shades (and infinite palette) SCC offers? Ashleigh, aka The Hair Geek, has this consultation advice to go bolder (if you dare):

Q: What do I need to tell my colourist before going for a vivid colour I’ve seen on Instagram?

A: Talk to your colourist about your hair colour journey over the last five years so we have a clear understanding of what’s going on with your hair. 

Q: How important is my lifestyle when I’m going for a new vivid?

A: Most colours are achievable with time – but it also needs to be achievable with your lifestyle. With vivid colours especially, your maintenance at home needs to be just as good as a salon.

Q: I want a killer hair selfie. How do I know what vivid colour and tone will really suit me?

A: I really assess skin tone and the natural warmth or coolness from your eye colour. This not only tells me what will suit the client within the colour palette, but also what will hold. Once we’ve got the colour and maintenance sorted, we can really talk creativity.

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