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Party Hair Hacks you can do at home!

When a quick jot to the local salon is just not an option, believe it or not, there are still many little tips and tricks you can employ yourself at home to create the perfect party look with ease. All you need is the right set of products and a few little hair hacks to get you on your way!

1. Dress for your face shape

When it comes to dressing your face, there are some simple rules you can follow, just like dressing your body shape, which will set you on track for a stunning result. Here are the rules and regulations for the five most common face shapes:

-          Square - People with a square face shape tend to have corners on their jaw-line. Leaving some soft sultry textured pieces of hair down around the hairline and face can be super flattering for this face shape.

-          Round - The same rule applies for the round face shape. Rather than reaching for the curlers (which could result in too much of a 90’s curl around the face) instead, try a little spritz of Matrix Style Link Mess Maker salt spray to create a beachy textured finish to your feature pieces.

-          Oval - The oval face shape always takes its full glory when the hair is swept away or off the face. Leaving too much hair on this face shape can actually appear to add more weight where there isn’t any.

-          Long - The long face shape can easily be softened with a faux side fringe. Simply part your hair at a diagonal angle from the temple towards the centre of the head. This creates a natural sloping fringe, which will drape gradually cross the forehead creating a faux side fringe and making the face appear shorter.

-          Heart shape - This little trick also works really well for the heart shape, where the face naturally narrows in to a more pointed chin. 

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2. Texture

This year, ditch the curly blow-dry look, and instead think bohemian bombshell. It’s all about hair that looks effortlessly loose and lively. Add movement to your do with a little help from the mineral range from style link. Mess Maker is great for creating a bed head type beach wave finish while Matrix Style Link Airy Builder dry mousse works brilliantly on short pixy shapes. Simply add a little into dry hair and then re-dry roughly for a tousled effortless finish.

3. Braids

When in doubt, braids. Braids are a fantastic way of dressing up your look by adding interesting textures and popping different tones in your hair that may not normally be as noticeable. There are so many options from fishtails, Dutch, waterfall, twist, mermaid…the options are endless

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4. A splash of colour

This silly season is the perfect opportunity to express yourself with a little extra colour in your hairstyle. Break free from the corporate work of mute and boring and spice up your look with a little bit of short-term tone to highlight your personality. The options really are endless here. If you fancy a trip to the salon for a holiday treat, ask your colourist for their best tips and winter colours this Christmas. Rose- gold is on everyone’s list, or why not try adding a few subtly gorgeous watercolour tones to liven up your hair this Christmas.

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5. Fake it till you make it

Don’t have enough hair to rock your favourite look? There are so many different options out there now in terms of clip-ins, clip-ons and fillers. When it comes to styling, the sky is the limit. You can even invest in a soft sultry clip in fringe for your Christmas party look! Top tip…..if you do decide to opt for some synthetic add in extensions, the silky shine from these deceivers can be a dead give-away. To create a much more natural finish, scatter some Matrix Style Link Height Rise Dust and a little spritz of Style Link Volume Fixer spray to slightly mattify the finish and add some natural texture.

Create your own inspired look this Christmas and rock it, whatever the occasion!

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