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New Year New Natural Beauty


New Year, new you? Just like us, you probably have a never-ending list of New Year resolutions and for the beauty savvy ladies out there; ‘showing some love to their precious locks’ is probably topping it.

At Biolage HQ, we take your beauty routine very seriously and believe you deserve haircare that works for you, bottling up all the goodness of nature. Right now, you probably think you’ve tried all the ‘green beauty regimens’ out there, with no luck and you’re probably not willing to put yourself through another DIY winter remedy involving squashed avocado and dripping honey.  Well, neither are we. So, if you crave kind and pure natural hair products that’ll make you feel good, you’re in for a treat.

Biolage R.A.W is our ultimate with up to 100% natural origin and 99% biodegradable formulas. Yes, you heard right. Up to 100% natural! Our amazing shampoos/ clay conditioners and masks contain pure honey, coconut, kiwi, quinoa... you name it. All these rich, nourishing and cleansing ingredients used in skincare products have been squashed, mixed and bottled up for your delight!

So if you’re feeling a little blue after Christmas and need a good pampering session to forget about the January coldness, run to your local Matrix & Biolage salon to indulge to a sensorial hair ritual with Biolage R.A.W.

For those with dry hair in desperate need of nourishment and shine, the rich coconut and honey enriched formula of Biolage R.A.W Nourish shampoo will bring extra moisture and silkiness to your hair. The honeycomb and the coconut oil infused clay conditioner and masks will help detox the hair and reinject shine and smoothness into it.

nourish packshot.jpg

But, if like many women, you have fine hair, Uplift will literally uplift you with its incredible grapefruit and sesame seeds shampoo. Your hair will have never felt that squeaky-clean. The incredible shampoo will detox and purify your hair whilst the kaolin clay based conditioner will bring back bounce and volume. For extra lift, the ginger and kaolin clay mask is the ultimate treat if you feel like cocooning.

Uplift packshot.jpg

Last but not least, not only will Recover’s pink packaging will make your heart melt but this range for damaged sensitised hair will repair the look and feel of your damaged locks. The shampoo formula is enriched with antioxidants including Yucca and Goji Berries whilst the clay mask with honeycomb and kaolin clay works to deeply nourish hair to leave it healthier looking.

Recover packshot.jpg

Who said Christmas ended on December 25th?

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