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Natural Products for Fresh Natural Looks

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Jul 112018
By Lisa Valentine
Find out what products with 'no nasties' can do for you.

Hands up who wants natural products with no nasties in it? Hands up if you know what I mean by that. Don’t worry I will explain, no nasties means that the sometimes harsh chemicals and manmade ingredients used traditionally being replaced by natural ingredients that can give the same results. Recently we have become more aware of natural ingredients being introduced to replace the ingredients previously used due to increased research on the subsequent effects to the hair, skin and the environment.

But is this new? Not really, however the natural haircare market is booming due to more and more of us ditching the chemicals. Everyone at some point has heard of some wonder, homemade remedy that will solve our hair problems, but most of us wouldn’t dream of using them because why bother buying all those ingredients and making a mess when we can simply nip to the chemist or get advice from our own hairdresser and purchase something that is ready to use. These professional and non-professional products generally do work and pretty much give us an instant fix to what we were having problems with. However, more recently we are now taking the time to look at what we are using and what we want is more natural ingredients to give us a more natural feel that lets us embrace our natural beauty. With over 33 million google results for ‘natural styling’ and the same amount for ‘undone looks’  this is just exactly what we are looking for. 51% of women are opting to leave their hair to ‘air dry’ naturally but at the same time wanting something to control, smooth and protect our locks.

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Last year Biolage launched a range called RAW this stands for Real Authentic and Wholesome, with 3 ranges and just 9 products in total, this product line promised us up to 99% post-consumer recycled packaging, sustainably sourced with up to 99% natural origin ingredients and is free from silicones, parabens, sulphates and has no artificial colours. Sulphates are what causes your shampoo to foam, silicones make the hair look shiny and smooth and parabens are generally used to preserve, so how do we achieve a nice foamy shampoo with shine that doesn’t go out of date in a week without these? Biolage turned to nature and use plant based surfactants like Yucca to cleanse (it still foams up!) and natural oils from coconut and coriander for shine. There is obviously more to the list but you get the idea right? Already in a year this range has grown and now boasts a colour care range, heat protection primer, 5 styling products to suit all hair types and a 100% natural origin replenishing oil that can be used in multiple ways. These products let your hair breathe, they take your hair back to its natural beauty. They leave your hair feeling clean, fresh with all the health and gloss of brand new hair whist being good for you and good for the planet.

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