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How to Maintain Your Brunette Balayage and Keep That Brass At Bay

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Jul 112019
By Amy Lawrenson
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Here’s our guide to caring for your salon-fresh silky soft balayage and keeping those unwanted brassy tones at bay.

Calling all brunettes! Did you know that internet searches for “brunette balayage” rise 102% in autumn versus spring. That’s pretty huge. And, it makes sense: weaving beautiful strands of blonde through your hair can lift your complexion (and your mood) as we creep ever close to winter. Or, perhaps, you’ve been blonde and you’re looking to tone down the brightness for a more autumnal vibe. Whatever your reason, once your brunette hair is freshly balayaged you’ll want to keep it looking its best, here’s our guide to caring for your salon-fresh silky soft balayage and keeping those unwanted brassy tones at bay.


Why Caring for your Balayage is Important

If you’re heading to the salon for balayage, chances are you’re after a ‘has-she-hasn’t-she’ sunkissed look. Caring for your balayage is key if you want to swerve the telltale signs of lightening your hair—namely, dried out ends and brassy tones.

During the lightening process, your strands swell to push open the cuticles allowing the bleach to get in and lift out the hair’s pigment. The lighter you go the more porous your hair can become, which is why in-salon treatments at the backwash and at-home products are a must (more on those later!).

Brassy tones are the enemy of brunettes who have gone blonde in places. You see, the cool-toned blue molecules in the toner your colourist will apply at the backwash tend to lift out of the hair faster, leaving unwanted red molecules behind, which causes the strands to look brassy. Using a specially-formulated brass-beating shampoo or mask is a must to keep your brunette balayage looking cool.

Convinced you need an after-care routine for your brunette balayage? Let’s break it down…

How to Care for Your Balayage and Keep It Looking Beautiful

You might think your colourist is trying to up-sell to you when they’re recommending you buy a shampoo, conditioner and mask to take home, but the right products can help keep your colour looking its best for longer, saving you money in the long run.

“Take your colourist’s advice on the perfect shampoo, conditioner and treatments that are personalised to your hair colour and texture,” explains Christian Wiles, founder of Christian Wiles Hairdressing. “Home care is always essential to maintain tone but especially after having balayage when you introduce multiple colours.”

For brunettes with balayage, you want a shampoo and conditioner that focuses on maintaining your colour whilst keeping your strands in great condition. Matrix Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner, packed with hair protecting antioxidants, are ideal for this. The overachieving Miracle Treat 12 lotion spray, from the same range, can be misted onto damp hair before blow-drying to protect from heat, moisturise, de-tangle, tame frizz and restore shine.

How to Keep the Brass Off Your Balayage

This year, demand has shifted from warm brunettes to cool tones. And when it comes to balayage, brunettes are requesting ash blonde, champagne and ice-cool cream tones. The trouble is brunettes-tuned-blonde tend to go brassy, whether you’ve opted for an all-over colour or subtle balayage. Everything from tap water and air pollution to sunlight and even heat styling can turn the coolest strands brassy.

You can head to your nearest salon for a professional Matrix Brass Off treatment to keep your strands looking bright and brass-free. See the process in the video below:

At home, there are things you can do too! “Use heat protection products like Matrix Totals Results Brass Off Blonde Threesome or Matrix Totals Results Keep Me Vivid Color Velvetizer,” advises Terry Longden, Matrix’s Artistic Director for Colour.

Beyond using heat protection, you should add a pigment-rich blue shampoo or mask into your home care routine, which will neutralise unwanted orange tones in your balayage.

“If you need to combat brassiness try Brass Off Shampoo from the Matrix Total Results Matrix range,” advises Christian. The shampoo is packed with neutralising blue/violet pigments, use it once or twice a week to keep your balayage looking cool as ice.

Want to go super cool? “For an extra boost of tone, double down and leave the shampoo in the hair for 10 minutes before rinsing and conditioning,” says Terry.

Explore the Matrix Total Results Brass Off range here.

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