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Jewel hair tones are where it’s at for autumnal hair colour. Here’s how to get shimmering…

Are you autumn-ready yet? This season is undoubtedly the biggest time for transition when it comes to hair colour. Step forward the hottest hair trend for autumn/winter: shimmering jewel tones.

Just like our wardrobes and make-up, there’s a shift away from lighter, summery hair colours to something with more depth. Autumn rivals the new year for clients updating their look, with September and January being the most popular months for searches on ‘hair colour ideas’ and inspo, according to Google trends.

Just like the catwalks, jewel tones are already proving to be a new season hit.

Inspired by a jewel tone hair makeover? Read on to get shimmering this season...

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Searches for vivid hair colour have risen rapidly in the last six months alone (source: Google trends), and jewel hair tones are one of the key trends peaking interest.

Vivid colour transformations like bright yellow and hot pink are still ever-popular, but there’s a tendency to move towards richer, deeper colours like indigo and magenta in autumn/winter to match the seasonal mood.

Today’s crystal-inspired colours have shimmering depths when they catch the light. Look to colour ranges like Matrix Color Sync, who have conjured up new gem tones like Amethyst Purple and Garnet Magenta. Forget intermixing shades, this is all about jewel tones straight from the tube!

Crystal Ball Predictions

There’s more than one way to wear your jewel tone hair colours this season. Here are two of our favourite ways to wear them:


Newsflash: purple reign is officially a thing racking up 4.5million+ hashtags of #purplehair on Instagram. Transform with Color Sync Amethyst Purple for a jewel tone with indigo depths. It contains vivid dye technology so even level 5 and above can achieve that bold, vibrant amethyst vibe.

HOW TO: Color Sync Amethyst Purple


Why wear just one jewel tone colour, when you can work multiples? Color Sync’s new Garnet Magenta shade is brunette-friendly, making it perfect for even darkest based clients who are level 5 and above but want to join the jewel set. Think shimmering multi-tonal colour.

HOW TO: Color Sync Garnet Magenta.

Crystal Colour Chameleons

Thinking of transforming from pastel rose to shimmering magenta? With today’s high-tech bond protection systems, colour addicts can really up their jewel tone game – without damaging their hair.

Post-summer hair can be even more vulnerable thanks to damage from UV and sun exposure, so bonding is even more vital when it comes to autumnal colour changes.

Bond systems like Matrix Bond Ultim8 can be added to your colour to boost your hair’s health and prevent damage. It also preserves your jewel tone so you get the most out of your shimmering colour for longer.

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