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Why your hair needs an In-Salon Treatment this Christmas


It’s that time of the year again, when your hair has been exposed to so many external aggressors that it just does not feel the same… Whether it’s pollution, heat exposure or chemical damage; you can no longer deny that it has been through way too much in the past 11 months and is certainly in  need of some TLC. With the string of Christmas parties ahead, you’re probably panicking over the state of your hair and desperately looking for the best deals and treatments out there. Well look no further! Matrix & Biolage has it all… yes you heard right. From instant treatments to professional, deeper in salon treatments to repair your hair from within, Matrix & Biolage is your answer, whatever your hair type, budget and time you have in hand.

Bond Ultim8 is a complete bond protecting system and treatment completed in salon to help protect and preserve bonds in the hair. So, for those of you wanting a solution for damaged locks, and give your hair that extra touch of shine, strength and condition, Bond Ultim8 is what you need. It works as a 2-step process that is super quick and easy to use. It is added into the colour so you don’t have to spend any extra time in the chair either. Bond Ultim8 works to help protect bonds from breakage, leaving hair looking healthy, feeling stronger and deeply nourished for a real “je ne sais quoi”. But, it does not stop there; Bond Ultmi8 3 step system also has a take-home product so you can care for your hair beyond your salon visit. So, join the community of Bond lovers today!


bond ultim8 before & after.PNG

However, Bond Ultim8 is not the only treatment Matrix & Biolage has to offer. For those beauty addicts on a budget, Matrix have three instant hair primers, Miracle Morphers, that really are true miracle workers!

Miracle Morphers can be cocktailed with any Matrix Total Results shampoos and conditioners to suit your hair type (fine, coloured…..) and target your hair concern (damaged, frizzy…..). The Morpher cocktails are 100% bespoke, because just like your skin, your hair never stays the same. Sometimes, all you need is an extra small shot of protein or ceramides to make you look like a million dollars without breaking the bank. 

miracle morphers.png

For those natural beauty queens, Biolage R.A.W Clay masks propose the ultimate natural solution. The formulas are made of 97% natural origin ingredients and are up to 99% biodegradable. Their rich and thick sensorial textures are made from Moroccan clay, honeycomb, coconut and many more superfood ingredients that offer pure goodness in a bottle. The Biolage RAW clay masks will not only make you feel good but they also help you do good; by using post-recycled consumer packaging and formulas with a very low carbon footprint. So why wait for Christmas to treat yourself to pure natural luxury?

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So, now that you are fully up to speed on our incredible Matrix and Biolage salon treatments, why not head to your local Matrix & Biolage salon today to get this Christmas party prep going!

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