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Make Autumn/Winter Trends Work for You

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Sep 122018
By Lisa Valentine
How to make the most out of this years autumn/winter trends for you and your guests.

Let me set the scene… think of jewels, crystals, gemstones and opals with a hint of quartz sprinkled with a touch of gem hi-lights. Hmmm what on earth am I on about you may wonder but these are the looks and tones coming through for the rest of this year! Intrigued? Well keep on reading for an insight on how to make this work for you and your guests in the salon.

Did you know that twice a year we look at changing up our hair colour? January is one but September is the other so let’s get prepared for next month’s transformations. Now not every person that sits in your chair is looking to change drastically but as we know the trends within hairdressing are moving and changing quicker than ever, how often are you asked “so what’s in fashion this year? Or “what is everyone asking for just now?” well I don’t know about you but for a long time nothing was really a definite trend but over the last few years I struggled to keep up. The likes of Instagram and Pinterest have a lot to do with the fast paced changes we are seeing within our industry and guests are becoming more demanding with each visit.   In recent times we have had strobing, contouring, colour melting and marbling to name a few, these are all techniques that vary from the individual artist to the region they work in but for helpful hints and tips you can check out the ‘GET INSPIRED’ tab on our website or head on over to our you tube channels where you can see some amazing work from the Matrix Global and Guest artists. What I want to look at though is the type of colours available, what the tones are and what they do!

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But are you ready to crystallise your colour? Crystal hair or also known as geode hair is colouring the hair to resemble a geode rock (see image) which is the latest colour trend to add to our list. Now you may think this is not for the faint hearted but this colour is easily transformed for the more minimalist colour guest to the adventurist and expressive ones. A few well-placed gem hi-lights or opal tones to change up your blonde toner subtly or go full on jewel, quartz using vivid colours! There really is something for everyone.


Now whether you are looking for a hue of amethyst and magenta or a pink quartz, Matrix has you covered. There is a colour to suit everyone within their colour palette especially in their Color Sync range. Color Sync is Matrix’s Ammonia Free tone on tone colour. From soft muted watercolours which includes the mixed metals range to the rich and intense Vinyl’s. They are classed as a trend in a tube but are all completely intermixable for us creatives. It comes with its own special developer that is 2.7%, 9vol. The watercolours are best used on levels 8 and above with the vinyl’s being perfect for levels 5 and above due to their Vivid dye technology that gives an inky effect on darker levels. Both have no background colour so it’s all about that tone. This combined with some simple but clever placement will have you rocking the next season’s trends.

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