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How to Keep Your Hair Looking Cool at Home with Colour-Correcting Shampoos

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Jan 282020
By Amy Lawrenson
Color Correcting Shampoo
Not sure where to start when it comes to at-home colour correction? Ditch those brassy tones with this failsafe guide.

Colour-correcting shampoos should be a go-to for anyone with coloured hair, whether it’s blonde or brunette. Not only do these pigment-rich cleansers neutralise unwanted tones - like yellows that appear in blonde strands and warmth in brunette - but they help your colour go the distance between salon visits, too.

Not sure where to start when it comes to at-home colour correction? Ditch those brassy tones with this failsafe guide.

How Can I Keep Blonde Hair Bright?

Blonde hair can quickly and easily lose its cool. Minerals in tap water, pollution and UV rays all play a part in morphing your strands from clean and bright to dull and yellow. Whether it’s balayage or an all-over white-blonde dye job, keeping your blonde looking its best is the aim. If you think about the colour wheel, that we learned about in school, yellow sits directly opposite purple on that chart, which means purple neutralises yellow. And that is exactly what you want to do with those unwanted warm strands in your blonde tresses. Whether you’re peroxide all over or you want to brighten up a honey-toned ‘do, a purple shampoo like Matrix So Silver will whisk away those yellow hues and amp up the cool tones. You can work the shampoo into the hair as you would a regular cleanser or, if you want to ramp up the results, you can leave it on for five minutes as a quick treatment.

Want to see some seriously impressive So Silver results? Watch—before and after:

The benefits of the So Silver at-home range are two-fold, for starters it works as a very impressive colour correcting treatment, but the conditioner and mask are super nourishing to lightened strands that can sometimes be brittle or lacklustre.

Explore the Matrix So Silver range here.

How Can I Get Rid of Brassy Tones in Brunette Hair?

Balayage is the most Googled hair colour technique right now and while we love that salon-fresh result, it doesn’t always have the best shelf life. Lightened brunette strands can very quickly turn brassy, which means the warmth comes out and the hair can look orange. Yikes! If you think about the colour wheel again, orange is slap bang opposite blue so, you guessed it, a blue shampoo will knock out those unwanted brassy hues that can strike strands, thanks to pollution, tap water and the sun’s rays.

The blue pigments in Matrix Brass Off Shampoo neutralises the unwanted orange. Use the Brass Off Mask if you want to really saturate your hair with those warmth-neutralising pigments. Expect your balayage to look brighter without even a hint of brassiness between appointments if you stock your shower with the Brass Off range.

Want to see Brass Off in action? Watch— before and after: 

Shop the Matrix Brass Off range here...

How Can I Prevent My Dark Brunette Hair Turning Warm?

Cool brunettes are trending right now and, well, so many people with dark brunette and black hair find those unwanted red tones that can appear kinda frustrating. Using the same colour wheel principle, Matrix is launching Dark Envy, a rich, green-hued shampoo, nourishing conditioner and pigment-rich mask that knock out the redness in dark brunette and black strands. The sun is a real culprit when it comes to morphing from dark, cool-toned black and brunettes to warm, so be sure to snap up the Dark Envy range in time for summer.

With all the Matrix colour correcting ranges you can use them every time you shampoo or you can alternate them with Matrix Moisture Me Rich, to restore shine and softness to dried-out strands, or Color Obsessed, which keeps your colour vibrant and glossy.

Watch this space for Matrix Dark Envy

Click to find out how to keep your brunette balayage looking its best between colour appointments.

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