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How to Care For Your Coloured Hair

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Feb 112020
By Amy Lawrenson
Care for your Coloured hair 2
We're sharing the colour commandments that everyone should know, plus the best shampoos to keep your hair colour fresh!

Coloured hair needs a little more TLC. Not only can colouring your hair affect the texture—lightened strands can be drier and need extra nourishment—caring for your tresses properly will ensure your colour goes the distance between salon appointments. 

Whether you’re heading to your colourist for a little balayage or a full-on, vivid, all-over colour, below we are sharing the colour commandments that everyone should know, plus the best shampoos to keep your hair colour fresh.

How Can I Make My Colour Last Longer?

Caring for your colour doesn’t have to be a lot of work or expense. We’ve listed out the 4 tips to follow for colour that looks luscious for longer. 

Colour Commandment #1: Use the Right Shampoo

Do colour protecting shampoos really work? In a word, yes! Shampoos that are developed for coloured hair, generally, will be sulphate-free and more gentle so they don’t lift the colour pigments out of the hair. 

While salon shampoos tend to be more expensive than the ones lining the supermarket and drugstore shelves, the great thing about professional shampoos is that your colourist will be able to use their expert knowledge to recommend the best product for your colour, so you’ll get the best colour-preserving results. 

What is the Best Colour Protecting Shampoo? If you want your hair colour to last, whether it’s a toner over your balayage or a bold hue, you should look to a shampoo that is formulated for coloured hair. It’s also worth mixing up your shampoos, using one that is designed specifically for the colour you want to protect and another that will keep hair in tip-top condition. More on this, next…

What is the Best Shampoo for Coloured Hair? Matrix has a complete range of shampoos designed for coloured hair, discover them below to find your perfect match.

Colour Commandment #2: Care for Each Colour Differently

For Brunette Coloured Hair:

hair brassoff

Brunette hair can go brassy, especially when it has been lightened, thanks to mineral deposits in tap water, UV rays and heat styling. Prevent those brassy orange tones creeping in by using a neutralising shampoo like Matrix Total Results Brass Off, which contains blue-violet pigments that cancel out the orange hues and leaves your strands looking fresh.

Watch—Brass Off Before and After:

For Blonde and Grey Coloured Hair:

Blonde and grey strands can turn yellow, just like brunettes can morph to orange. Cancel out those yellow tones by using the Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo which is shot through with purple pigments, these will neutralise unwanted tones and reinvigorate blondes, grey and white hair so it is left shimmering and bright.  

Watch—How to Brighten Up Your Blonde: 

For Dark Brunette Coloured Hair:

Dark brunettes are not immune from colour fluctuations, dark hair can turn red. If you love your hair to be super dark with a super cool tone, then look to Matrix Total Results Dark Envy. It’s packed with green pigments that neutralise that unwanted red pigment. 


For Coloured Hair: 

If you’re looking for a good all-rounder for coloured hair, then Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed Shampoo is a great place to start. The focus is on strengthening your coloured strands to protect from fade, lock in nourishment and keep strands seriously shiny.

Coloured Hair

A concentrated blend of vitamin E and sunflower oil helps to moisturise and strengthen hair that has been left porous from colour treatments. The shampoo expertly whisks away dulling residue from tap water and pollution that can leave colour looking flat over time. 

For Damage/Breakage:

When hair is coloured, especially lightened, it can affect the quality of your strands. Lighteners force the hair cuticles to open and lift out the melanin particles that give your hair its colour. This is not the most gentle process and bonds that keep strands strong are broken, so using a product designed to repair the damage is key. 

Matrix Total Results The Re-Bond Shampoo is part of a 3-step at-home system that focuses on repairing these broken bonds to strengthen hair, whilst leaving it smooth and glossy. The shampoo is formulated with citric acid to remove any product build-up so the hair is primed for the pre-conditioner to drive in deep and repair the bonds and the conditioner to seal the strands for a high-shine finish.

For High Maintenance Coloured Hair:

Vibrant hair

Whether you have opted for bold, bright hair colour, a wash of pastel or a vivid red, in their own ways these are all high maintenance colours that are prone to fading fast. Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid is the range for you, as the products work together to seal in the colour for up to 65 days. The shampoo is sulfate-free so it won’t strip the colour particles from your hair.

Colour Commandment #3: Moisturise Your Hair

While shampoo is the cornerstone of every good colour protecting routine, moisturising coloured hair is so important to preserve colour, nourish strands, boost shine and leave your tresses looking their best for longer. With the Total Results ranges, the conditioner is formulated to complement the shampoo.

If you want to mix and match, then switch up the duo you use on different days rather than mixing and matching shampoos and conditioners. So, for example, if you’re blonde you might want to use the Matrix Total Results So Silver regimen once or twice a week to neutralise unwanted yellow tones, and then Total Results The Re-Bond System once or twice a week to keep strands strong and healthy. 

A weekly hair mask will further nourish your hair to keep it smooth and manageable, so look to factor a masking session in on a Sunday night!

Colour Commandment #4: Protect from Pollution and Deter Damage

When it comes to defending against pollution and other environmental aggressors like UV rays and minerals in tap water that can wreak havoc with your colour, you need to look to a product designed with this in mind. The Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed range is packed with antioxidants that prevent free radical damage caused by the environment and also excess heat styling and keep your hair healthy. If you live in a city, leaning on an antioxidant-rich haircare regimen is smart.

The best way to deter damage in all hair, not just colour-treated strands, is by using a heat protector before blow-drying, straightening and tonging. The Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Colour Velvetizer Leave-In is a brilliant styling balm packed with both UV filters and heat protection to keep strands safe and smooth.

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