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How to Banish Unwanted Red Tones and Keep Your Brunette Looking Cool

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Feb 272020
By Amy Lawrenson
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Find out more about colour correcting dark hair because it’s not just blondes that get to keep their cool!

We all know a lot of focus is put on colour correction for lighter strands but, what about you lovely dark-haired readers? One of the biggest colour concerns for those with cool-toned dark hair is that it can morph to a reddish hue. Unwanted red tones in brunette and black hair is like those annoying straw-like shades in blondes or brassiness in balayage, it’s something you want to avoid at all costs. While purple shampoos have been there to support your fairer-haired pals for years, colour correcting very dark hair at home hasn’t been so accessible… until now. 

Matrix Total Results Dark Envy is an in-salon professional mask and at-home shampoo and conditioner that cancels out the redness and leaves your dark strands looking cooler for longer. Keep scrolling to find out more about colour correcting dark hair because it’s not just blondes that get to keep their cool…


Why Does Dark Hair Turn Red? 

Red tones are especially common in people with dark brunette or black hair that has been lightened and then taken back to the dark side. Red tones can also pop back up in naturally warm-hued dark hair that has been cooled with toners in the salon. In fact, even naturally dark hair can turn reddish. 

Minerals in tap water, UV rays, heat styling and chemical processes can all cause the red tones to become more visible in the hair. How? Well, cool blue-toned molecules are smaller, so they lift out more easily.  

What is a Green Shampoo? 

Where blondes have purple shampoo, dark hair now has green shampoo to lean on. If you think back to the colour wheel you learnt about in school, red and green are opposite each other on the wheel which means they can cancel each other out. Apply green pigments to warm dark hair and the green molecules will neutralise the red, so your strands will be restored to their former cool-toned glory.


How Do I Use a Green Shampoo? 

You can use Total Results Dark Envy Green Shampoo to cleanse your hair as you would a regular shampoo, but the addition of green pigments means the shampoo acts as a colour corrector, too. You can work the shampoo through the hair and rinse as normal, or if you want a more intense treatment leave it on for a couple of minutes before washing out.

You can use Total Results Dark Envy Shampoo every time you wash your hair unless you need to tackle another hair issue as well such as damage, in which case you might want to alternate with Total Results Re-Bond


Can Everyone Use Total Results Dark Envy? 

Total Results Dark Envy can be used on all hair types and textures but not all hair colours. If you have brunette balayage, for instance, the pigments in the Dark Envy shampoo are likely to turn the blonde pieces green. Yikes! So this shampoo should be reserved for those with dark hair from root to tip. 

Brunette with balayage? You should use the Total Results Brass Off instead. 

What Happens If My Hair Turns Green?

As long as you follow the instructions and don’t use the shampoo on blonde hair, your strands shouldn’t turn green. But is your freshly washed hair giving you Kermit vibes? Don’t panic. Simply wash your hair with a regular non-pigmented or clarifying shampoo and the green pigments should easily lift out.

Can I Book a Colour-Correction Treatment In Salon?

Yes! Total Results Dark Envy Mask has the highest concentration of green direct dyes in the range, which means it is reserved for professional use only. Speak to your Matrix colourist during your next salon visit. A tone-correcting mask like this can be a great way to keep your colour looking fresher for longer.


What Are the Other Benefits of the Dark Envy Range?

The Total Results Dark Envy Conditioner is deeply hydrating, use it after shampooing and it will enhance the manageability of your hair, meaning it will be easier to comb through and style. The Dark Envy range works to really nourish strands leaving the hair looking healthy and with a beautiful glossy finish, so your cool-toned colour looks its best for longer. 

Want to keep your brunette balayage looking its best? Check out our guide here. Plus, click here to find out the difference between a blue and purple shampoo.

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