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How Do I Grow My Social Accounts As A Hairstylist?

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Sep 242019
By Amy Lawrenson
Improve Social accounts
We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to become seriously social media savvy.

More and more clients are looking for hairdressers and colourists via social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, so getting your feed and page looking their beautiful best is now part of the job. Do your accounts need some love? Do you want to grow your social media following? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to become seriously social media savvy. Keep reading because if this article was an IG post, you’d totally want to double tap…

Facebook #Goals

Facebook is a must-have for every business in 2019. Read on for our top Facebook advice so you can transform your account and get it #trending. 

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How To Grow Facebook as a Hairstylist: Bronze, The Beginning

  • Download the Facebook app and sign-up to create your profile.

    TOP TIP: Create a business profile that’s separate to your personal profile for all the professional feels.
  • Add in all your details: the name of your business or salon, the address, opening times, phone number, email address and a link to your website. This makes it super easy for potential clients to get in touch.
  • It’s always good to have an up-to-date profile picture and cover photo - something which oozes personality, style, sass, and is, essentially, your best work. Go for something high resolution for serious pro vibes.

    TOP TIP: Add a profile picture by going onto your profile, and tapping the camera button. Do the same for your cover photo.
  • Fill out your ‘About’ section on your page: A genius with the scissors? A balayage Queen? Here’s where you want to shout about your USP's (that’s your Unique Selling Point, FYI!).

    TOP TIP: To do this go to ‘edit public details’ under your profile pic, and get typing.

How To Grow Facebook as a Hairstylist: Silver, Posting Pointers

  • Now you’ve created your online alter ego, try getting snap happy. Posting regularly is a great way to let your clients know what you’re all about. We recommend posting 3 times a week to keep your followers engaged.

    TOP TIP: To start posting your snaps, scroll down to ‘posts’. To write a status update, start typing in the ‘what’s on your mind’ box. To post photos, click the photo option.
  • Stuck for photo ideas? Try a #TransformationTuesday or show off your styling process videos— they are always super popular and could even go viral!
  • Let’s chat captions: When it comes to caption writing try to engage your followers as much as you can: spill the tea on what techniques you’re using, or what colour trends you love. Be chatty and down to earth and you’ll soon get clients engaging with you.

How To Grow Facebook as a Hairstylist: Gold, Get Growing Gal

  • Once you’re a pro, we recommend posting once every day. That way your followers will know to expect something new and will keep coming back to your page.
  • Consider trying to encourage comments or shares by writing something #relatable or asking your followers, and fellow stylists, questions.

Instagram? Into It!

Being an Instagram It-girl isn’t easy, but with these hot tips you’ll start to, slowly but surely, grow your Instagram and see that follower number move on up.

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How To Grow Instagram as a Hairstylist: Bronze, The Beginning

  • Download the Instagram app and create your profile. Like your Facebook, add in all your contact details, like your phone number and address, so your followers know where you’re at.
  • Follow other stylists that you like and admire and be sure to engage with like-minded people.
  • Add your website to your Insta bio so clients can easily access your website.

    TOP TIP: To change your bio, go on your page, tap ’edit profile’ and fill out your details.
  • Add a profile picture exhibiting your best work, or showing off your gorgeous salon.

    TOP TIP: Add a profile picture by going to your own page, tapping ‘edit profile’, and ‘change profile picture’. For your profile pic and your feed, always use your best quality pictures.

Growing Your Instagram as a Hairstylist: Silver, Posting Pointers

  • We suggest getting your ‘gram going and glowing with loads of cool content. Try to upload as often as you can, at least every other day, to show off your best skills, and top looks.

    TOP TIPS: Avoid boarders or frames that take over the image and when taking hair pictures, ensure that it is styled to perfection.
  • Get hashtag happy: Hashtags are e-labels on your posts meaning they bring up your post when a IG user is searching hot-hair-words like #balayage or #rainbowhair.
  • When sharing photos of hair colour creations, DON’T use a filter. Instead use a ring light or natural light to show off the colours as best as possible.


Growing Your Instagram as a Hairstylist: Gold, Pro Posting Pointers

  • If you’re feeling pro and want to take your Instagram game to a whole new level, think about developing an aesthetic or theme for your feed. Perhaps a red brick wall for an edgier vibe, or a white background for perfect minimalistic chic.
  • Want to get geeky? Try looking at your ‘insights’ so you can see your top-performing content, the best times to post and who your followers are. From here, consider what kind of things your followers liked the most, and try posting similar content at the best times in order to get some fan-girling followers.

    TOP TIP: To find insights, your profile must be a business account. Tap the top right button on your profile, then ‘insights’.
  • Try giving ‘stories’ a go. Instagram Stories functions like Snapchat - so they are only available to see for 24 hours. This is an ideal way of sharing cool, causal behind-the-scenes content, or your latest favourite products.

    TOP TIP: To add a story go on to your home page, and swipe right, you can add live photos, or photo from camera roll by tapping the bottom left button.

Follow our insider tricks and stick at it, becoming a social star takes time, patience and consistency. You’ve got this!

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