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How Can I Remove Permanent Hair Dye From My Hair?

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Nov 042019
By Amy Lawrenson
Permanent hair dye
Keep reading to get your hair looking its best in no time.

Have you ever asked yourself (or Google) ‘how can I remove hair dye from my hair?’ Well, know that you’re not alone. We’ve all been there, having attempted an at-home dye job for it to look a tad dark or perhaps like there is too much dye in your hair (that’s possible).

If you’ve never dyed your own strands, you may still be asking yourself how to remove unwanted yellow, orange or red tones from your hair? Your colourist may have done a stellar job in the salon, but without the correct at-home aftercare the colour can shift, and fast. But, whatever your hair dye conundrum we have the solution for you. Keep reading to get your hair looking its best in no time.

How can I remove permanent dye from my hair?

If you want a quick, effective solution for removing permanent dye from your hair, we recommend heading to your nearest Matrix salon and getting a colourist to assess your hair. It all depends on your consultation, but one option is that they can use Light Master,  which is a powerful, high-speed lightener to remove the dye from your hair and then follow with a toner so you leave the salon with your perfect shade. Light Master eliminates warmth and yellow undertones to reveal cleaner colour. It can lift the hair up to 8 levels. Clever, right?

LightMaster Pouch

How can I remove orange hair colour in my brunette?

When you have your hair dyed brunette or you get blonde balayage added to your brunette hair, your colourist will add a cool toner to your strands to knock out unwanted orange. But, annoyingly, those blue molecules are the first to go! Hot water, heat tools, pollution and UV rays can all force those molecules out of your strands and your hair can turn orange.

Use a blue shampoo like Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo, to add those cool tones back into your hair to prevent your balayage from looking brassy or your brunette from appearing orange.

Check out our Brass Off range:

How can I remove yellow hair colour in my blonde?

Blondes love it when their strands look ashy or super cool, even honey blondes don’t want their colour to turn yellow. But, as with brunettes and brassiness, heat styling and the environment can wreak havoc with your freshly lightened hair. To cancel out the yellow, you need to invest in a purple shampoo that will neutralise those unwanted tones. Matrix Total Results So Silver, with its purple pigments will do just that.

Watch So Silver in action:

How can I remove red hair colour in my dark brunette?

If you have super dark brunette hair, you might find unwanted red tones creeping into your strands. Keep your cool by using the new Matrix Total Results Dark Envy, with its potent green pigments that take down the redness, so your brunette hair stays as cool as you are!

Find out more about Matrix Total Results Brass Off, So Silver and Light Master...

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