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How Can I Make My Hair Colour Last Longer?

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Nov 042019
By Amy Lawrenson
Longer lasting colour
Do you find your hair colour fading and want it to last longer? Follow these tips for longer lasting colour...

How can I make my hair colour last longer?

There is nothing quite like the joy of freshly coloured hair, unfortunately though colour-treated strands can fade fast. Your hair colour can also shift: cool brunettes can turn red, blonde can go brassy and vibrant hues can turn pastel in the blink of an eye.

But don’t panic! It’s easy to help your hair colour last longer, you just need to make a few easy tweaks to your at-home routine. From the in-shower trick to try today, to the one care product all coloured strands need, this is your handy guide to making your hair colour last longer.

How can I stop my hair colour from fading so fast?

Whether bleaching your hair or opting for a semi-permanent colour, the cuticles on your strands are opened up to allow the colour particles inside. To ensure you maintain your chosen hair colour and it looks its bright and beautiful best, you need to keep those cuticles closed and smooth. As soon as they reopen, colour particles can escape. Try these three cuticle smoothing tricks to prevent your colour from fading fast…

Cool Down in the Shower: Start by turning down the temperature in your shower a few degrees, hot water can force open the cuticles allowing colour to escape.

Keep Your Styling Cool: Where possible, air-dry your hair and when using heated styling tools be sure to treat your strands with a heat protector like Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator 20 Leave in Hair Styling Primer, first.

Shield Your Hair from the Environment: It doesn’t have to be sunny for UV rays to wreak havoc, speeding up colour fade. Be sure to factor a UV protector like Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Leave In Velvetizer, into your at-home routine.

Factor in a Mask: The healthier your hair, the longer your colour will stay looking its best. Factor a nourishing, moisture-boosting, hair mask into your routine each week.

Do colour protecting shampoos really work?

In a word, yes! Colour protecting shampoos are specially formulated to buffer the hair from the fading powers of hot tap water. They will often contain antioxidants to protect your strands from environmental aggressors like UV rays and pollution and some colour-protecting shampoos contain tone-neutralising particles that prevent your colour from shifting. For vivid hair colours, extra gentle sulfate-free shampoo formulas are designed to clean the hair without causing too much colour to lift. Not sure which colour protecting shampoo is the saviour your dyed hair is looking for? Let’s break it down…

How to stop my hair from going orange?

Brunette balayage can look amazing, but cool tones can lift out of the hair much faster than warmer ones, which means your balayaged strands can soon start to look brassy and, dare we say it, a bit orange. It doesn’t have to be that way. Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo, is a blue shampoo that neutralises warm tones in the hair by depositing blue-violet pigments, so your hair looks cooler for longer.

Watch Brass Off in action: 

How to stop my hair from going yellow?

Blondes aren’t immune from a colour shift. Without the right shampoo, in no time, your creamy colour can start to look yellow. Harking back to the colour wheel we learned about in school, purple is opposite to yellow, which means if you deposit purple particles onto the hair they will cancel out the unwanted yellows tones. Luckily, Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo, is a purple shampoo that’s packed with pigments to leave blonde and even grey hair looking bright and clean.

How to stop my hair from going red?

A lot of brunettes like their colour to be cool and free from warmth. In the salon your colourist may have treated your hair with a cool-hued hair toner but if that starts to lift your brunette can turn red. If this sounds like your current hair situation, then get yourself a green-hued shampoo like Matrix Total Results Dark Envy, It’s Matrix’s first-ever green shampoo and it works hard to eliminate red tones from dark brunette strands.

Top Tip: Alternate your pigment-rich shampoo with Matrix Color Obsessed Shampoo, which is packed with colour protecting antioxidants to protect against fading. It’ super moisturising to extend colour vibrancy and to leave colour-treated strands looking shiny and healthy.

How can I stop my creative colour from fading?

Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid, was formulated especially for anyone with vibrant creative colour - think bold rainbow hues. The sulphate-free formula is seriously gentle, which means it cleans your hair without stripping those all-important colour particles. It also contains pearl powder to help your strands reflect the light so they look their lustrous best.

Shop the Brass Off range to eliminate orange tones; So Silver range to banish yellow tones; Dark Envy to cancel out red tones in brunette hair; Keep Me Vivid to keep bright colours intact and Color Obsessed to protect against colour fading.

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