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What You Didn't Know About Hair Mousse

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The Secret to using Styling Mousse over other styling products

  • Sometimes you need to use a cocktail of products to achieve one look, Mousse will add volume to the hair as well as hold and conditioning.
  • Mousse can be perceived by clients as a sticky product and perhaps a little old fashioned. Today’s Mousses are light weight and leave no residue or build up on the hair, they are perfect for todays’ big and bouncy blow-dries and an ideal product to achieve glamorous catwalk-style looks.
  • Mousse is suitable for all hair types from fine to thick hair, straight to curly, long or short.

The History of Mousse

There is an interesting history surrounding hair mousse. The word “mousse” originates from the French term meaning foam. Hair mousse originated in France and was brought to the North American retail market by L’Oréal in the 1980’s not unlike the history of our loved brand Matrix.

Hairdressers like myself in the 1980’s were crying out for a product that supported and worked alongside the new trend of blow-drying, traditionally in the early 80’s most of the styling was by setting and therefore strong products were used like setting lotions. Setting lotions didn’t allow stylists to produce beautiful, soft, movable hair, hair that was controlled and had volume but didn’t feel as if there was a lot of product on it.

With the introduction of mousse came L’Oréal’s “mousse mania”. This quickly became a multimillion pound product and is believed to have introduced the concept of retail sales to the consumer, producing almost $200 million in sales in 1986. 1987 saw a decline in mousse sales as we saw the ‘big hair’ trend decreasing and it wasn’t deemed as environmentally friendly. However it is interesting that all major hair brands still have a mousse in their range.

Applying hair mousse

When applied to wet hair and dried with a hair dryer it provides volume and hold, left wet it can give the hair a crunchy feeling but does comb out easily

Hair Mousse HandStyle Link Volume Builder

As it is a root product I always advise applying mousse with a comb and combing it onto the root area, so place a golf ball size of the mousse into your hand and then comb the product through the hair ensuring all of the roots have product on them.    


Case Study

Model Allison 

This hair was shampooed using Total Results Moisture Me Rich shampoo and conditioner, followed by Matrix Style Link Volume Builder Mousse applied to the hair and blow-dried using a round brush to achieve volume and hold.

Model shot 1.jpg hair mousse model

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