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Go Grey this winter

Winter is coming. Would you like to turn your summer hair into a silvery winter grey?

We have seen this trend of shimmering greys hold its popularity for the third year running now as it continues to fall into one of our most loved winter looks. With the colder months approaching it’s the perfect time to incorporate these cooler tones to change up your everyday look. The silvery tones create the perfect festive mood while the weather is much more forgiving to keeping those tones longer lasting. Whether you’re blonde or brunette going to grey ombre or an all over colour, this timeless look won’t disappoint.

Before you take the dive into this steal wintery look, here are our top tips for going grey this winter…

1. Be patient

Your colourist will take longer to create your clean blonde base the more colour you have existing on your hair. Be patient as it may take a little while before you have a clean and even colour tone.

2. Using your skin tone to match your best shade

There’s a variety of grey shades to choose from, so whether your colouring is warm or cool, Matrix has you covered.

3. Relax in your salon

No rushing allowed. Your stylist needs to lift hair colour, tone away brassiness, tone in the grey and protect those locks all in the same day! Relax, enjoy your salon experience and let your stylist take care of the rest.

4. Take home

On your Matrix shopping list, make sure you have; Total Results Brass off shampoo, Total Results Brass off conditioner, Bond Ultim8 step 3 and Total Results Brass off styling cream to maintain your shimmering look.

5. Bonding

You MUST invest in a bonding system such as BondUltim8 by Matrix to be used with your lifting and toning process. This helps protect bonds during colour and lightening, helping to prevent breakage and preserve hair fibres.

Be brave and go grey this winter, you won’t regret it. 

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