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Give your hair a fresh new look for Spring

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We all love a bit of Balayage and Ombre. But do you want to take it to the next level? Are you constantly looking for new hair colour ideas? Well, hunt no more. Matrix have the latest new technique for 2018; COLORMARBLING.

This technique uses contrasting tones inspired by pretty florals to create a marbled effect on the hair. The technique is so versatile that it can be easily adapted whatever your need.

Color marbling is great for those more daring and looking to make more of a bold colour statement, or whether rose gold hair is your thing, you can add extra depth and dimension. Color marbling is also perfect for brunettes who are looking for subtle highlights and the brighter blondes, who may want to add some warmth or go for a more ashy blonde look in the lead up to the sunny summer months.

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This is your opportunity to show-off your hair with a true professional touch, it’s a technique that you simply cannot achieve at home.

Plus, if you are someone who is concerned about hair damage, our Bond Ultim8 treatment is what you need to be asking your hairdresser for. Bond Ultim8 works at the very core of your hair to protect and preserve the bonds in your hair for softer, stronger and healthier-looking locks. 


Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your look and try something new.

Take a leap into your new hair colour today.

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