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Get Textured Hair with Jamie Stevens

Jamie Stevens gives us the lowdown on #texturedhair with the new Style Link Mineral

Q: What do you like about this new launch?

J: Texture is this seasons real breakthrough trend as people start to play with their look and the catwalks are really pushing soft beachy texture, this trends has been developing for some time but it has really come to life this season, I feel the playful relaxed element of texture allows greater freedom to the consumer giving much more versatility.

Q: Which product is your favourite?

J: For me it has to be grip definer, I think having a specific blow-dry cream to enhance texture is such an important product for stylists and consumers, its is such an easy to use product and so versatile it can be used for so many different looks and finishes and can be used for both men and women. I feel that this product is an incredible addition to the style link range and I feel it is as much of a tool in my kit bag as my brushes are.

Q: Do you have a top tip incorporating the products?

J: My top tip would be rub a bottle cap size of grip definer into your hands, back and front and starting from the bottom rake through your hair using your brush as a comb then lightly mist in so of the mess maker whilst shaking your hair working from the top. This will combine the products from both sides now scrunch dry the hair until dry and finish off random areas with a wand to define any waves for a perfect beach ready finish.

Q: Why are minerals so special and important for textured hair looks?

J: The key to perfecting this look and capitalizing on it is to ensure that the hair isn’t sticky, I think it is so important for this as one of the major factors of texture is that it moves and has the ability to be touched, when the hair is sticky you will end up having clumps of hair that will be an unnatural look and finish. To get them most out of your hair and bring your texture to life non sticky products are a must.

Q: What sets this product apart from the rest on the market?

J: I think this product is so different for so many reasons, I feel that having the ability to cocktail the products throughout the range gives a unique element to the range that separates it from competition and creates a totally versatile range that can cater for anyone, but most importantly the real winner is the boosters, for me this product is a stand-out innovation within the range, I think this is unrivalled by anything and giving stylists and consumers the opportunity to effectively create their own products with absolute ease just adds to the creativity of our industry

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