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5 Ways To Fix Brassy Hair

Dec 172018
By Lisa Haynes
Neutralise those brassy tones with this neutralising hair transformer

Not all superheroes wear capes… Some come in the form of blue bottles (and now sachets) in a bid to banish brassy tones. If lightened hair has gone from bright to brassy, this is the rescue for the holiday hair of your dreams. Step forward Matrix Total Results Brass Off. This clever four-step system eliminates bratty tones, to help maintain lightened hair - so you (and your hair) can have a fairy-tale Christmas.

Discover how our blue hair heroes can save your blonde…

Take the Christmas Quiz to see if you need Brass Off…

1. Your blonde colour suddenly looks ‘brassy in tone – Y/N

2. Your highlights look ‘off’ in comparison with the rest of your colour – Y/N

3. Your hair colour tone now seems to throw off your complexion – Y/N

4. You’re noticing far more brassy/orange/coppery tones than before – Y/N

5. Your hair colour looks too warm (and not what you walked out of the salon with) – Y/N

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If you’ve answered YES to one or more of the above, take colour correction into your own hands and Brass Off. Here’s five ways to make the brass a thing of the past:

Brassy Fix 1: Buy some blue shampoo

So why does hair go brassy? Of all the spectrum of colour molecules deposited into the hair cuticle, it’s usually the blue ones that go AWOL first, leaving you with more of the red and yellow tones. When red and yellow combine, you end up with brassy orange (boo). A blue shampoo like Total Results Brass Off Blue Shampoo is a colour depositing formula that boosts the cool tones to restore colour to its former glory. Genius. Just apply it to wet hair, lather and leave on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing and following with conditioner.

Brassy Fix 2: Buy some blue conditioner

When you’re battling the brass it makes sense to double up your prevention with a full system of blue products to help coloured hair stay nourished and shiny. Total Results Brass Off Conditioner is a non-colour depositing formula that hydrates hair and retains cool tones. Using the full Brass Off neutralising four-step system (leave-in cream and mask included) can give you up to 10% less breakage – and who doesn’t want that?

Brassy Fix 3: Install a shower filter

It’s hard to believe that your daily shower could be contributing to your brassy issues, but it can. Skipping the shower is never wise, but investing in a good filter is… Chlorine and iron deposits in our water can make colour fade and look dull. But the iron specifically can emphasise any reddish, brassy tones. Look for a shower head filter that transforms the brassy-causing chemicals into harmless elements.

Brassy Fix 4: Try an at-home hair mask

When you’re upping your armoury against the brass, a restoring mask ritual is always a good idea. Brass Off Custom Neutralization Mask is a pro treatment with highly pigmented blue-violet tones that neutralises and eliminates brassy tones on lightened or bleach hair. Plus it helps repair fragile or brittle coloured hair so it feels instantly softer. Just leave on for 5-10 minutes depending on your desired neutralisation. Intrigued? For the first time ever Matrix colour customers can get a pro treatment to take home with the Brass Off Mask sachets.

Brassy Fix 5: Re-visit your colourist

If your brassiness is still bothering you after you’ve done some at-home SOS, book back in to your colourist pronto. A toner might be the answer. A toning treatment deposits pigments rather than lightening so you’ll need one with a violet or blue base to refresh and restore blonde tones, minus the orange tinge. Bye-bye, brassy. Time to get your best colour back.

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