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Fight The Frizz

May 012019
By Lisa Haynes
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How to tame a frizzy mane and get sleeker hair this summer...

Whether it’s spring showers or summer heat humidity, this is the time of year when frizzy hair can strike without warning. The dreaded frizz can turn any tame style into bird’s nest in minutes – and it can affect any hair type.

External factors like hair colouring, heat styling and holiday humidity and the threat of a frizzy hair episode is all too real.

Time to tame the frizz? Here’s how to get kink-free hair that lasts…


Summer is the season to watch if you’re prone to frizzy hair. While some hair types are more susceptible to frizz than others, it can affect any hair type. When your hair is dry, it’s more likely to become frizzy, which is why coloured hair can often be affected.

While you might presume that washing your hair regularly makes it drier, it doesn’t. Hair washing every other day ensures that your hair retains its natural oils and prevents it drying out and getting frizzy. Try using a shampoo and conditioner duo that’s formulated to prevent frizz for a sleeker finish, like Biolage SmoothProof Shampoo and SmoothProof Conditioner. If you have fine but frizzy hair, try a more lightweight conditioning formulation, like Biolage SmoothProof Aqua-Gel Conditioner. 

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Beat the frizz to get smoother, sleeker tresses with our pro advice and hero products:

Q: I have naturally curly hair. Should I use try hair tongs to get sleeker hair?

A: Hot tools can be hit and miss for frizz prone hair. Yes, they can make your curls look more defined, but you’re also adding extra dryness from the heat – a key cause of frizz. If your hair has a tendency to frizz when you dry it naturally, try using a diffuser on a cold setting to keep frizz at bay.

Q: My hair goes frizz crazy in humidity. Is there anything I can do to prevent it?

A: Home or abroad, high levels of humidity in the air can spell chaos for hair prone to frizz. Avoid dampening it down to control the onset of frizziness – this can dehydrate your hair and make it go even wilder. Prevention is better than cure, so invest in an anti-frizz styling spray to maintain sleek hair, even in humid conditions.

Hero product: Biolage R.A.W Frizz Control Styling Spray – “I spray a small amount in before I cut hair - this gives me a beautiful, lightweight shiny result as the hair dries naturally. The spray allows me to work the hair without it going frizzy.” - Paul Falltrick, Artistic Director for Biolage.

Q: My hair goes frizzy once it’s blow-dried. How can I switch up my hair routine?

A: Rebellious hair requires a controlled drying system to keep it sleek. Try not to blow-dry your hair in a rush and always towel dry carefully first. Slowly and gently pat the hair dry - rubbing your hair will dehydrate it making it look frizzy and tangled. Once towel dry, use a smoothing cream and brush it firmly downwards with a wide-tooth comb in manageable sections.

Hero product: Matrix Style Link Smooth Setter  – “This is the perfect blow-dry cream that controls flyaway hair for a frizz-free finish. I use it on all my clients to prep the hair before I blow-dry.” - Ria Kulik, Matrix Artistic Educator

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