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Hairdressers are famed for their drive and ambition to grow in their skills and excel in their knowledge in order to be the best stylist they can be with a client base of people who have full trust and confidence that they are getting the greatest care and attention for their hair.

If you have that passion for learning then Colour Mastery is your next step for excelling in the hair industry. It’s a 9 day program which will take you from a good hairdresser to a master colourist! 

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Here’s what’s included In Part 1:

Day 1


The Trichology education is a digital day spent with a team of experts from Matrix Education Team and Jo Jordan, Matrix colour user, business owner and qualified Trichologist.

Trichology is all about understanding more about the hair and skin functions and the importance of this knowledge being the foundations of our in-salon colour work, consultations and client conversations.

You’ll learn about how the body produces its own natural colour and how it’s made, thus influencing how we can achieve the best colour results for our clients.

Finally you will learn how to glean information from the handy derma scope (cool microscope for skin!) and what the skin and scalp can tell you that your client may not even know.

You won’t be a qualified trichologist at the end of this day but you will have the real ground work of information to start digging deeper into how this impacts you as a colourist.

Day 2

Gain confidence in every aspect of your colouring process beginning with the keys to creating a quality consultation! It might seem like consultations would be second nature to stylists, but let's not be guilty of second rate conversations with clients that result in the same root tint solution you've always done. Learn what to cover before colouring and how to ask those all important questions that direct you to the best possible outcome for you and your clients. Unlock your creative potential and freedom when you know the ins and outs of a thorough consultation.

Day 3

Hair colour Science

This session will take you deeper into the science behind the colour tubes! It’s like a back stage insight into the actual production of our trustworthy sidekicks in colouring. You’ll learn about:

· Colour and light refraction, reflections, and absorption.

· The Colour Wheel

· Hue, value and saturation of colour

· The tonal build of all the colour shades

· Acids and alkalis

· Chemical reactors

· Oxidation

colour mastery part 2 for blog

After our online training in Part 1, it’s time to take the education in person and practical with 6 days of Colour Mastery Part 2!

2 days of Colour Correction will challenge you in how to work as a master colourist, unreliant on short cuts- you’ll be pushed to truly know the what’s and why’s of colouring.

Following this are 3 days covering the most commercial services in the salon working at Colour Master level, with guidance of our Education team and Artists who will keep drawing the best out of you.

The final day will be a Creative Inspirational day and your Graduation where we get to celebrate your achievements and your learning.

As an educator of Colour Mastery I love seeing you get your lightbulb moments – where you bring all your newfound knowledge together with the practical elements of colour choice and it all makes perfect sense! We talk about getting hair to be in the best condition through colouring but now this is YOUR time to SHINE. Can’t wait to see you becoming a Colour Master this year!

For more information about booking on Colour Mastery contact [email protected]

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