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Christmas Party Hairstyles

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Christmas is almost upon us, is your hair party ready?





Tis’ almost the season to be selfie-ready! So what better place to get our hair inspo (and hair envy) from than Instagram itself. How can I recreate corkscrew curls like those blogger girls, will I suit the unicorn hair and how can I do braids on myself? It’s hard enough to get that perfect dress sorted before finding out your new boss has got the exact same one *rolling eyes emoji*.

So, what’s hot on the Instagram catwalk?

Space buns:

Its throwback time and space buns are an easy Christmas party hair option. You can wear them as high or low as you like and it will work for most hair lengths. Use plenty of Matrix hairspray and add in some glitter roots to keep the look ultra on-trend and in place.

High Bun for xmas hair blog.jpg

Boxer braids:

You may need to get ready with a friend for this one but it’s worth it! Part the hair at the centre all the way to the nape of your neck and section in two. Dutch braid each side and try to keep it even. You could also opt for glitter roots here or add in accessories.

 boxer braid.PNG


Why stop at styling? Make a statement and bring on the balayage this Christmas. Take a trip to your nearest Matrix salon and make a statement. The best part? You can add in colour to the ends of your hair for that New Year’s Eve party.

balayage for xmas blog.jpg

Let us know what your Christmas party hairstyles are by posting your looks on our Facebook or Twitter pages: @MatrixHaircare #MatrixUK

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