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Christmas Colour Trends: Merry and Bright Trends

Nov 182018
By Lisa Haynes
Get into the festive spirit with these vivid shades to outshine your fairy lights

Forget the party frock, the coolest way to get festive this season is with your hair colour. Think the brighter, the better. The party season is naturally a time when we go bolder and shinier with our outfits, so why not our hair, too?

“Clients are requesting brighter and bolder colours more than ever before,” says Desmond Murray, Atherton Cox and freelance artistic director. “Pinks and greens are super-popular right now.”

The festive period is the perfect time to experiment with your hair colour and switch it up with a shade you haven’t considered before. Christmas tree green, anyone? The good news is that all of these vivids are so on-trend you’ll be all set for a colourful 2019.

Get to know these festive season vivids…

1. Tinsel Town - Silvers

Just imagine coordinating your favourite metallic party outfit with your hair colour. Look to shiny tinsel for your hair goals – the kind of slightly burnished silver that would translate to a chic hair tone and still be wearable every day.

WHO DOES IT SUIT? Finding the right tone is essential to carry off tinsel silver. Silvery grey has both warm and cool variations. If your skin has golden undertones, go warm, but if your skin’s cool, try a more ashy silver.

TRY: SoColor Cult Disco Silver or Color Sync Silver Grey


2. Confectionery Colour - Pinks

Take inspiration from the chocolate tin and those jewel tone wrappers. Up the intensity of a pink with a metallic finish that’s so shiny it practically dazzles. This is a candy pink that’s bolder than a bubblegum pastel, but more toned down than hot pink.

WHO DOES IT SUIT? This candy pink is unashamedly feminine and works especially well on cool colourings and pale skin. If you have reddish/pink undertones, this may not be the shade for you as it will accentuate flushed skin.

TRY: SoColor Cult Flamenco Fuchsia or Color Sync 


3. Santa Claus - Reds

Look to the main man of Christmas - and his suit - for inspiration. Bold red hair colour has holiday season written all over it. True fire engine red can fade more quickly than other hair colours so time your Christmas events calendar to get the max out of your Santa red.

WHO DOES IT SUIT? Above all, an intense red hair colour requires confidence to pull it off. If you have darker skin, go for a true red with blue undertones to really enhance your skin tone. If you don’t want to go all-over red, try a bold red balayage look instead.

TRY: SoColor Cult Red Hot or Color Sync


4. Forest Firs - Greens

Take your cue from your Christmas tree. It may not be the most obvious tone but a deeper, evergreen can be surprisingly flattering. Think of it as the moodier, grown-up winter version of a summer mermaid look.

WHO DOES IT SUIT? Whether you want to go bright or muted, green is surprisingly versatile so it suits a lot of skin tones. Eye colour is especially important here, so your colourist will pick a green hair hue that accentuates them.

TRY: SoColor Cult Clover Green


PRO TIP: If in doubt, always consult your colourist first and find out whether the festive tone you want is achievable for your individual hair type, colouring and lifestyle.

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