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Brunettes, Go Big on Balayage

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Aug 122019
By Amy Lawrenson
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How to keep your balayage looking cool...

This season brunettes are cool, literally! Come autumn, brunette balayage searches grow dramatically but this year it’s ice cool tones that brunettes-in-the-know are set to be weaving through their strands. As the sun sets on summer, we’ll be seeing the rise of cool, ashy brunette balayage online so with more brunette clients requesting cool tones than ever before, it’s well worth getting acquainted with the new Power Cools range from Matrix.

Sitting across SoColor Beauty and Color Sync, you now have the perfect toolkit to create your clients’ cool brunette balayage of dreams, whether they want a permanent look or to play with something more temporary.

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Snapshot! Why Cool Brunettes Are Trending

Cool brunettes are a wearable, autumnal, move on from the violet and grey hair colours we’ve seen this summer. In fact, the hashtag #ashbrown has already been used over 118k times already on Instagram and clients are swerving warm tones in favour of cooler colour accents. And, no matter how light or dark your brunette client’s hair is, you can find a Power Cool shade to suit them.

Clients are savvier than ever before, and brunettes know that blonding isn’t just for blondes. Whether you take your client full-on blonde or play with flirty techniques like hand-painted ashy balayage, the subtle take on ombre that is sombre or foilyage, where you combine hand-painted pieces with the colour-lifting power of foils, more clients than ever will want their lightened brunette to look cool… ice cool.

What Sets Power Cools Apart?

As hairdressers you’ve all been there, a client loves being brunette but they can feel restricted to warm tones when going lighter, but with Power Cools you can confidently take your client lighter and cooler. Balayage clients are the ideal candidate for Power Cools because you can create a bespoke mix of cool colour that will feel totally modern and give them a chance to dip their toe in the cooler brunette trend.

Keep your clients’ balayage cool with Brass Off:

There are four permanent SoColor Power Cool shades and four demi-permanent Color Sync shades to choose from, with two violet-ash and two ash-ash tones in each family for a super-cool end result. And the opportunities with these new shades are endless, Ashleigh Hodges, Matrix Artistic Director, says, “They aren’t just amazing on their own, I love cocktailing them into existing shades to get a really bespoke colour service for clients.”

The SoColor Power Cools are low-ammonia, giving a cooler lift that better neutralises any unwanted brassiness. They have the highest combination of ash and violet tones for an incredible cool-toned finish that prevent colour fade— with So Color Power Cools clients get a 10 week true-to-tone finish. The benefits of the low-ammonia technology isn’t just the cooler lift, the smell is more pleasant, you get more even, uniform results and it’s easy to mix them with any SoColor shade!

PRO TIP: Cooler tones read darker, so remember that when you’re choosing a new shade for your client.

The ColorSync Power Cools, on the other hand, contain no ammonia and deposit colour that lasts for 6-8 weeks depending on the hairs’ porosity. The ColorSync shades have been calibrated to match the SoColor shades giving you creative freedom and total control.

PRO TIP: To ensure the coolest lift, opt for a 10 volume developer as this will limit warmth for the coolest finish.

SoColor is best for regrowth and virgin hair, while the ColorSync are ideal for global application, toning, mid-lengths and ends.

Which Clients Is Power Cools Best For?

The Power Cools are ideal for any clients that tell you their brunette hair is always too warm.

“The new Power Cools are gorgeous on those with very cool, porcelain skin tones. They knock out the warmth and give you that intense high-shine, cool colour that’s so on trend right now,” notes Hodges.

“They are absolutely perfect for creating a super cool Brunette Balayage,” she adds.

Pro Tip: Add Light Master Lightening Powder into the mix when doing balayage, the easy-glide kaolin clay-based formula gives you totally control over the colour placement.

To ensure that the SoColour fades beautifully and the ColorSync cool tones go the distance (up to 20 washes), be sure to recommend that your client uses a shampoo and conditioner for colour-treated hair like Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner.

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