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Blue Shampoo – What is it and what does it do?

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Cool it down...

Somehow, lathering blonde hair in blue shampoo feels a little alien to us, but until you know the lustrous effect it can have on your golden locks you won’t look back.

Often when you go blonde, or change your hair from dark to light, your hair can be susceptible to unnatural brassy tones. Don’t worry; blue shampoo will solve all your brassy fears! Blue shampoo works to neutralise these strong tones, leaving you a more natural looking blonde. Whilst gently cleansing the hair, the shampoo deposits blue- violet pigments which neutralize brassy tones, lifting the colour to a refreshing, cooler shade of blonde. But don’t be alarmed, your shower will turn blue! Although it seems a bizarre colour to be putting on your hair, it works wonders to lift your tones from unwanted orange to a cool ash. You’ll notice its unmissable results in just a few washes- without turning you into a smurf!

I know what you’re thinking, this can’t be good for your hairs condition, but blue shampoo has it covered. Not only will this marvellous concoction lift your tone, it looks to nourish and target the condition of your hair, leaving it feeling smoother with a shimmering finish.

Don’t believe us? We asked hair stylist and ‘Total Results Brass Off’ user ‘Mel Storey’ (picture above) a few questions to hear her thoughts on Blue Shampoo…

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What Blue shampoo product do you like?

“Brass Off- the shampoo is great for people with darker hair who have bleached it blonde. I am naturally a shade 6 or 7 (dark blonde) and my hair is pre bleached to a level 10 (lightest blonde). It faded to quite a yellowy tone and Brass Off helped lift it to a cleaner ashy blonde.”

How long have you dyed your hair for? How did Brass off blue shampoo compare to other products?

“8 years. I’ve used a violet shampoo, but I prefer a bluey turn rather than violet, it gives your hair a nicer ashy tone”

How did it change the condition of your hair?

“The Brass Off conditioner left my h air feeling like silk. I also really like the smoothing cream for blow dry.”

Whether you’ve just gone blonde or you’ve been doing it for years, Blue Shampoo is the solution to all your brassy problems. Good luck, and use gloves!

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