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Try something new and explore Geode Melt on your special day!

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Formula A: Light Master + Bond Ultim8 + 30 vol.

Formula B: 8v + 5vv +a drop of 1a

Formula C: Blue Sapphire

Formula D: Clear + Blue Sapphire (2:1) (ends)

Pre Lighten

Apply Formula A to the mid-lengths and ends. Once hair reaches a level 8 apply to the re-growth area.


Create a baby light face frame and use Bond Ultim8 No. 2 to isolate the prelightened peices.


Formula B:

Apply globally to the re-growth area.

Formula C & D:

Moving up the side of the head, take 2-5 centimetre subsections alternating the formulas in each area.Process for up to 20 minutes.

Remove foils and emulsify at the sink to tone hair.


Bond Ultim8 Step 2.

Process for 10-20 minutes. Rinse, shampoo & condition with Total Results So Long Damage.

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Apply Style Link Gloss Booster to dry hair

Use a large barrel iron to create soft waves starting at the cheekbone. Wrap the hair one complete time around the iron.


Continue around to the back of the head.

Leave out the ends for a more modern look.


Separate the strands by gently applying Style Link Over Achiever to the mid-lenghts and ends.

Isolate sections using contrasting Bobby Pins.

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