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Autumn Hair Goals

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Fall into the season with your own take on Autumn Hair.
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We have fallen in love with fall, a season full of rich tones; from fiery ambers to warm gold and rich browns. This feeling of comfort in the changing seasons transcends to how we portray ourselves, from a new wardrobe to a new hair style. We love to adapt our hair to our surrounding climates, and we embrace the tones of the season. Autumnal hair doesn’t have to mean a big change though, as subtle as low lights for brown hair or going from a brighter blonde to caramel. This could explain the popularity of balayage, and why this ‘bit of both’ technique has proved so popular. Let’s not forget the growing popularity of Halloween celebrations within the UK too in the last few years. With amber on the rise in hair colour trends, we see pumpkin latte hues coming into play - Yes please!

It’s not just a season for red heads or brunettes though, with many celebs turning to the new platinum hair trend, this trend is going to be a big hit for 2018. For those who stick to their natural hair colour, long sleek hair or shorter ‘lob’ styles are a hit for autumn.

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