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A Salon’s Guide to Taking an Amazing Instagram Hair-Selfie

salons guide to perfect hair selfie
It can be hard to know where to begin when taking a professional photo. Here are Matrix’s top tips and hacks to get you started.

Over the years, the development of social media, technology and our desire to share our life moments has evolved the classic mirror pictures into the thing we now know as ‘the selfie’.

No longer do we have to point a camera at our faces and hope that we are in shot and in-focus. Now we have lighting, front-facing cameras and hi-quality images.

Instagram, in particular, has taken social media by storm. Sharing beautiful photographs is something which many businesses now do too. What began as a hobby for most, has now become a marketing tool, allowing small and large businesses to show their work to viewers around the world.

At Matrix, we love to share all of our artist’s and salon’s creations. We are constantly encouraging our network to show their amazing hair transformations in order to inspire and educate others.

It can be hard to know where to begin when taking a professional photo. Here are Matrix’s top tips and hacks to get you started.

Insta Hair Selfie 1.png

Things you will need (ideally)….

1)     Good Quality DSLR Camera

2)     Ring Light*

3)     Background

4)     Products or Model


Step 1) Preparation is Key

If you have a client who is booked in to have a bold hair colour, or you know you are going to get creative with styling, then ask them before their appointment if they are happy to let you capture some social content. It is always a good idea to plan and talk to your client about what images you want to create.

Step 2) Set up your Lighting and Camera

Begin by getting a before photo of your client’s hair. Try setting up your ring light in front of an engaging background (or plain wall if you don’t have anything else) and then get the client to stand with their back to you.

Then get the camera and ring light ready by the client’s chair in order to take your after picture.

Insta Hair Selfie 2.png

Step 3) Style Your Client's Hair

Find the best look for the camera, then snap away! Try out different angles so you have a range to choose from when you are posting.

TOP TIP: Position your camera in the middle of the ring light for the best lighting and try out different angles and apps – boomerang, hyperlapse, and Instagram rewind are some of the classics.

Step 4) Edit Your Picture

If you have a beautiful hair transformation ready, make sure you upload your photo and then edit it. Most mobiles and PC’s have default editing; play around by increasing highlights and shadows, as well as clarity and sharpness. Alternatively, Instagram offers many filters or lighting tweaks.

So there you have it, you’re now set to take amazing photos to upload to your salon’s social media pages. Don’t forget to share them with us, use #matrixcreations so we can find them!

* A circular electronic flash that surrounds a camera lens, used especially for even illumination in close-up photography.

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