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A Guide to The Best Coverage For Your Grey Clients

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Jan 272020
By Amy Lawrenson
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Follow our guide and banish grey from your client's heads!

Grey hair may be fashionable in Gen Z circles, but for many clients covering grey strands and disguising the inevitable root regrowth is a full-time mission! Want to make greys disappear like a colour-wielding magician? Then look no further than this simple guide to banishing greys from your clients' heads and helping the time between colour appointments go that bit smoother

What is the best product to cover grey hair?

Matrix SOCOLOR.Beauty should be your go-to for permanent coverage of greys. For clients who have more than 50% grey, you want to reach for the SOCOLOR.Beauty Extra Coverage collection. The shade names start with a “50” as a handy reminder that they are for hair which is 50% grey or more. Simple!

With the SOCOLOR.Beauty Extra Coverage collection, you can achieve a striking opaque result or a more reflective coverage, depending on what you and your client decide is best.                                                                              

Educator Tip: With the N, G and Nw shades, when choosing the same depth or darker as the natural level, it will give the most opaque results.

Outside of the N, G and Nw, the rest of the shades are more reflective, as the higher the percentage of grey, the more tone will be visible. But be warned, if the client’s hair is between 75-100% grey, the result will be lighter than the swatch and more tonal, so you may want to control this in the formulation.

How to cover the first signs of grey?

The versatile SOCOLOR.Beauty brand also has a collection called Blended Naturals which, as the name suggests, is ideal for blending away greys. It works especially well in clients who are just starting to turn grey and it can continue to be your go-to until they are around 50% grey. The collection contains a unique technology of pre-blended bases and pre-adjusted tones so it is seriously easy to use for great results. 

For the first application, you can use SOCOLOR.Beauty Blended Naturals for a full head application. Then, when the colour needs refreshing, you can touch-up the roots and just re-fresh the mid-lengths and ends with the corresponding ColorSync shade. A six-week re-growth will require approximately 45ml colour, so a 90ml tube = two applications!

WATCH! Grey Coverage for Brunettes:

At Matrix, we understand that permanent hair colour always exposes the client’s natural warmth in their strands but SOCOLOR.Beauty Blended Naturals gives precise, predictable results every time, so there are no unwanted surprises when you come to the blow-dry. With SOCOLOR.Beauty Blended Naturals you get the result you see on the swatch when you stay within two levels of the client’s natural hair colour. This is all thanks to the pre-blended base that works to control the amount of warmth exposed during the colouring process and also the pre-adjusted tones, which are expertly balanced and precise for the shade you’re working on. 

What’s great about Matrix is that all the Extra Coverage and Blended Naturals shades can be fully intermixed with all of the collections except for the Ultra Blondes.

What shampoo and conditioner is best for grey hair?

While you’re chatting to your client in the chair, it’s well worth touching upon at-home care. We know that if a client uses the right shampoo and conditioner at home, their colour will look better for longer. For clients opting for grey coverage, recommend Total Results Color Obsessed to them. For the more high maintenance colours, like copper and auburn, you could suggest they take the Keep Me Vivid range home as it offers up to 65 days of no colour fade.

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How to prevent dyed grey hair looking wig-like?

No client wants to leave the salon feeling like their hair is flat or monotone-looking. Expertly covering greys requires a multi-tonal result that looks totally natural. If your client is coming in for a root regrowth touch-up, instead of using permanent colour, try using ColorSync one to two levels lighter and then you could even apply a clear gloss from Color Sync or SoColor CULT to keep the whole head of hair looking shiny and with multidimensional tones. 

WATCH! Grey Coverage for Blondes:

What to say to clients who are tempted to cover grey roots at home...

If your client gets itchy feet between appointments and is tempted to dabble with touching up their roots at home, it might be worth going back to the consultation stage and finding a shade that is less noticeable as it grows out. Perhaps a lighter brunette or blonde could work? Of course, they will still need to come back for root touch-ups in the salon, but the regrowth may not bother them as much if the colours are, tonally, more similar. You could then try a Blended Naturals coverage, rather than a 100% opaque coverage when they visit too. 

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