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7 Simple Steps to Improving Your Client’s Salon Experience

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Sep 242019
By Amy Lawrenson
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Read on for the 7 best tips you need to know to give your clients the best salon experience.

The most important thing to every hairdresser is their client’s experience, a happy client = a happy hairdresser. Plus, a happy client is more likely to recommend you and the salon to friends and family, a wonderful word of mouth review is priceless.

It shouldn’t be tough to have your client feeling like royalty from the minute they walk through your door to the moment they hair-swish their way out. Read on for the 7 best tips you need to know to give your clients the best salon experience.

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How To Improve Your Client’s Salon Experience: Step #1 Laws of Attraction

First things first, having social media accounts that reflect your business such as Google My Business, Instagram, and Facebook are a great way to attract clients, and show off all your most aesthetic looks.

Google My Business: This helps your clients find you and your salon. Set up a Google My Business account with all your details like your name, address, opening times and contact details so that clients can find you easily.

Instagram: Insta should be your go-to when it comes to attracting clients and creating a great client experience. Start out with your business name, details, and contact info. Next get ‘gramming: be as creative as you can, and show off all your best looks.

Facebook: Having a fresh Facebook is a big win when it comes to attracting clients. Try to showcase your best work on Facebook, and make it so your salon is super easy to contact.

How To Improve Your Client’s Salon Experience: Step #2 Warm Welcomes

Give clients a welcome that will make them feel fantastic. Our favourite tips for a ‘wow’ welcome include a super smiley reception team, comfortable waiting area stocked with the latest magazines and a complimentary tea or coffee and biscuit on arrival. The main aim is to show that you’re there to make your client’s experience as enjoyable as possible!

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How To Improve Your Client’s Salon Experience: Step #3 Wowow!

Giving ‘wow’ vibes is a sure way to secure your client’s approval, we suggest:

Getting chatty: Sit down face-to-face and make it all about them. Try to avoid consultations in the mirror, to start with, in order to create a better bond between you and your client.

Personalisation: Think about ways you can personalise your client’s experience. Use apps like Pinterest and Instagram on an iPad or your phone to talk through your client’s dream look and #hairinspo.

Creative Colour: Want real ‘wow’ factor? Consider having your colour bar in the salon, rather than hidden in the back. By doing this you can show off your expert colour mixing skills and make it clear that you are colour pro!

Salon Menus: From up ‘dos to blow-dries, offering on-trend hairstyling menus at a fair price is a fun way to get clients coming in for services between cuts and colours. Also, if you can offer a food and drink menu too (even if you out-source and partner up with a local deli or coffee shop), the whole visit will feel like a special experience.

How To Improve Your Client’s Salon Experience: Step #4 Relaxation Station

Beautiful Backwash: Create a relaxing space, try dimming the lights, install the comfiest chairs and basins you can find and offer a head massage with every hair wash.

Terrific Treatments: Get vocal about the treatments you offer. Try having a treatment menu to empower your client to make a choice, the menu should reveal the benefits of each treatment and the price.

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How To Improve Your Client’s Salon Experience: Step #5 Reveal That Transformation

We all love a good transformation video on Instagram, so treat your client to the real life edition. With the big reveal, show your client their new stunning look, talk them through what you’ve done and, and that you love the end result.

How To Improve Your Salon Client’s Experience: Step #6 Empower

Get chatting to your clients about the products you stock and why you love them. Try to encourage clients to get involved with your products by going full-on Alice in Wonderland with ‘try me’ and ‘smell me’ labels. This will make your client feel comfortable to your products a try. Don’t go in for the hard sell, if your client is on a budget just recommend the one product you think will truly make a difference to their hair, this will build trust.

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How To Improve Your Salon Client’s Experience: Step #7 Great Hair, DO care

We all love a loyal customer, so encourage your client to return by offering a loyalty card or a friend referral programme. This will help to spread the news far and wide about your salon.

Hosting an event in your salon, maybe for a new product launch, or to celebrate a hot trend like Balayage is a great idea when it comes to getting customers to return to your salon. Get creative with events: host talks, let people come and see hair transformations in action, offer drinks and canapés and give goodie bags or discounts to your guests as they leave.

Try these 7 tips and you could notice your clients coming back again and again!

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