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UV Filter and Damaged Hair

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May 302018
By Lisa Valentine
UV filter and damaged hair
Sun = UV Rays, No UV Filter? CAUTION, this can lead to damaged hair!

The sun is finally shining, holidays in the sunshine are just around the corner and before we know it we will be shopping around to see which sun tan lotion will give us the best results in protecting our skin. It’s important to minimize the damage from the harmful UV rays that the summer sun can bring and leave us with a healthy glow to our skin without the risk of burning.

But hang on a minute, there is something we are forgetting, what about protection for our hair? Why do we need that, I hear you ask? Although hair doesn't burn like our skin does, it still needs protection from those harmful UV rays. We may not have sunshine beating down on us all year round but those pesky UV rays are.

Over-exposure to sunlight can lead to brittle, dry and damaged hair. Natural hair can easily be lightened in the sun so just think what it does to our colour treated hair. More and more women (and some men too) are colouring our hair a lot more regularly. Whether it be to combat grey hair or keeping up with all the latest trends. In fact believe it or not a whopping 10.3 million women had their hair coloured in the last six months!

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So what exactly is a UV Filter?  How will it protect my hair? And where can I find them? UV filters work by being absorbed by or reflecting the UV rays that are contained in natural sun light that can leave us with faded and dull looking hair desperately in need for some TLC. For all year round protection, my go to products are the Biolage Colour Last range.

Whilst on holiday though we usually expose our hair to longer periods of time in the sun whether it be from relaxing at the beach, lying by the pool or out walking and exploring. When reaching for your sun tan lotion, you should be also remember to reach for something to protect your hair, with a large majority of UKI consumers main hair concern being damage you would be mad not to take my recommendation of the the products pictured below.   


The Matrix Biolage Sunsorials range consists of three parts. After Sun Shampoo, Sun Repair Treatment and Protective Hair Non-Oil. The shampoo and Non-oil are the perfect products to protect your hair from the sun, sea and pool containing those all important UV Filters and Sunflower Seed Extract to protect and leave the hair feeling soft and shiny whilst the Treatment will repair and prevent damage to the hair fiber.

                                                                                       biolage sunsorials set.jpg

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