Style is not something you can teach - it's an extension of who you are, and your eye. there are no rules to style - it's the way something is put together.
  • Alex Look 1_Final
  • Brielle Look 1_Final
  • Miki Look 1_Final
  • Vanessa Look 1_Final
  • Alex Look 2_Final
  • Brielle Look 2_Final
  • Kellie Look 3_Final
  • Miki Look 2_Final
  • Vanessa Look 2_Final
  • Alex Look 3_Final
  • Brielle Look 3_Final
  • Kellie Look 4_Final
  • Miki Look 3_Final
  • Vanessa Look 3_Final
  • Alex Look 4_Final
  • Brielle Look4_Final
  • Kellie Look 5_Final
  • Miki Look 4_Final
  • Vanessa Look 4_Final
  • Alex Look 5_Final
  • Brielle Look5_Final
  • Kelly Look 1_NoText
  • Miki Look 5_Final
  • Vanessa Look 5_Final

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