SoColor Cult Color Eraser

Matrix Color Eraser works to remove artificial colour from the hair. It works across a range of technologies – from direct dyes, to tone on tone and permeant colour. It removes all colours from dark brunette dye, to stubborn vivids. 

The product contains Strontium Peroxide, an oxidising agent in a powdered form, which helps to remove stubborn dyes from the hair. 

As the Color Eraser does not force open the cuticle, the hair is left looking and feeling in good condition, and as a clean canvas ready to re-colour



• Mix in a bowl then place in applicator or continue with brush application for best results.

• Apply quickly and efficiently to desired areas.

• Process accordingly (see chart) and shampoo out.



Why would I use the Color Eraser rather than a traditional Power Wash? 

When you do a colour removal service with Color Eraser, the hair is left looking and feeling in a better condition (even vs Light Master 8 with Bonder) as it doesn't force open the cuticle. It leaves the canvas of the hair feeling smoother and ready to re-colour. 

What is the difference between the Color Eraser and a traditional Power Wash? 

The Colour Eraser has a more controlled process. It leaves the hair in a better condition and contains strontium peroxide. 

What is the difference in the consistency of the Color Eraser and Light Master?  

Color Eraser feels more liquid with a creamier texture which makes it easier to distribute through the hair. Light Master feels slightly grittier and doesn’t glide as easily through the hair.

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