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The exclusive blend of unique botanicals and the latest technologies creates gentle, high-performing formulas to enhance the beauty of every hair type.

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Biolage R.A.W. is Real. Authentic. Wholesome.


Prescriptive haircare for advanced hair needs.

Biolage R.A.W Styling

Biolage R.A.W. styling provides the naked touch of styling.


The secret of nature decoded by science, superior haircare to solve every hair problem.

Exquisite Oil

Luxurious formulas cater to hair seeking replenishment and exquisite shine.


Protect hair that’s been exposed to the sun, sea and chlorine.

Total Results

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Total Results, a compact yet complete in-salon and at-home hair care and styling system for every hair challenge.

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The 1st and only professional care range that gives you the confidence to create any look.


Must-have styling products to seal every finished look.


Professional range of technical & treatment solutions assists you with salon services for optimal results.

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