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Total Results, a compact yet complete in-salon and at-home hair care and styling system for every hair challenge.

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Unbreak My Blonde Shampoo

Strengthening Shampoo for bleached hair

Unbreak My Blonde Conditioner

Strengthening Conditioner for bleached hair

Unbreak My Blonde Leave In Treatment

Reviving Leave-In Treatment for bleached hair

Brass Off Blue Shampoo Neutralising Blue Shampoo for Lightened Brunette Hair

Cleanses to help protect against fading and extends the life of your colour vibrancy.

Dark Envy Green Shampoo Neutralising Green Shampoo for Dark Brunette Hair

Our green shampoo helps to neutralise unwanted red undertones.

Dark Envy Green Conditioner Neutralising Green Conditioner for  Dark Brunette Hair

Deeply hydrating green conditioner which enhances manageability.

Dark Envy Green Toning Mask Neutralising Mask for Dark Brunette Hair

Colour depositing formula neutralises brassy tones

So Silver Purple Shampoo Neutralising Purple Shampoo For Blonde Hair

So Silver® neutralises brassy warmth and eliminates yellow tones.

So Silver Conditioner Neutralising Conditioner For Blonde Hair

So Silver System Conditioner takes blonde and grey hair from brittle and dull to supple and luminous through targeted hydration and imparting a glossy shine to every strand.

So Silver Mask Neutralising Mask For Blonde Hair

So Silver enhancing mask is a blue-based silverising treatment that adds cool dimension to blonde hair and silverises grey hair.

Keep Me Vivid Shampoo For High Maintenance Coloured Hair

Gently cleanses to maintain vibrancy and protect fast-fading hair colours.

Keep Me Vivid Conditioner For High Maintenance Coloured Hair

Acidic conditioner nourishes colour-treated hair.

Keep Me Vivid Lamination Spray For High Maintenance Coloured Hair

A Professional use only lamination spray to use after colour to laminate the hair for vibrant colour and shine.

Keep Me Vivid Leave In Velvetizer For High Maintenance Coloured Hair<br />

Velvety leave-in hair treatment is enriched with a UV filter.

Color Obsessed Shampoo For Coloured Hair

Solve the challenges of full, dry, color-treated hair.

Color Obsessed Conditioner For Coloured Hair

Solve the challenges of full, dry, color-treated hair.

The Stronger Blondes Bundle

The ultimate blonde haircare bundle

The Blonding Boss Bundle

Discover the Blonding Boss Bundle

The Lightening Lovers Bundle

The ultimate bundle for Lightening Lovers!

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From height rising lift to tousled texture, or voluminous style to long lasting hold. Complete Your Mix with STYLE LINK.


The modern, salon and finishing line for instant high glam styles. Mix and match any products in the collection for endless styling possibilities.

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